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My name is Rashmi Agrawal, your Yoga, Chakra, and Wellness guide and founder of Yogarsutra. The occasion is the summer solstice and international yoga day both. Ya, on 21st June the whole world can be seen on a yoga mat. Sadly we won’t be gathering in masses instead will try our best to continue our Yoga Gig from the comfort of our homes.

And if you are not prepared yet how to celebrate this yoga-fest with full of enthusiasm and joy, I am here to help you.

I will email you yoga videos, to help you step by step reaching your Goal and the challenge of doing “108 Sun Salutations “. So keep looking for my email.

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Before leaving just have a look at my other books also. I hope you find it helpful and valuable. If It resonates with you, don’t hesitate to say thanks to me by writing a review. Thanks and Namaste!

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