Yoga For Beginners: How To Do Yoga Like A Pro on International Yoga Day

On International Yoga Day # Yoga For Beginners Series-2


yoga for beginners series-2






On the coming up International Yoga Day, many offices, community centres and government sectors make it mandatory to perform yoga poses in groups to increase the awareness about yoga!

In case you have never done yoga earlier in your life, chances are that yoga poses may intimidate you. You may feel that you may lose your balance and hurt myself. Or maybe, commit some silly mistake causing some kind of harmful side effects. But don’t worry this yoga for beginners series-2 is going to simplify the most important yoga poses and stretches for you to make you feel comfortable in no time.


In yoga for beginners series-2, you will learn that yoga transitions prepare you for the next pose. And this is what I am trying to emphasise.  Instead of jumping into a particular pose, you will gradually shift from one pose to another.

So get ready for the sweet and  simplest yoga journey ahead.


Two yoga poses, the prayer pose and the raised arm pose you have learned in the first part of the series.

Standing forward bend and downward facing dog yoga pose


Your Third Yoga Pose- The Hand to Foot Pose



yoga for beginners series-2

How to Do


  • Inhale and take the transition from the raised arm pose.
  • Exhale and slowly bend forward and try to you achieve the posture, as shown in the picture.
  • Achieve the bending from the crease of the hips and legs joint.
  • No need to push yourself too hard and it’s ok to bend your knees.
  • May feel some tension in the hamstrings. 
  • You can use a support under your head,
  • Stay there for four set of “inhale and exhale”.


Your Fourth Yoga Pose- The Downward-Facing Dog Pose


yoga for beginners series-2





 How to Do


  • Now you have to take the transition from the raised arm pose.
  • To pose as shown in the picture, place both of your hands firmly on the ground.
  • Place your feet two steps away from your hands.
  • You have to convert your body into an inverted ‘V’ shape.
  • Push the floor below your foot and then bellow the hands
  • Feel the tension while stretching your hips upward.
  • Stay there for four set of “inhale and exhale”.


This concludes yoga for beginners series-2. Pat on your back as soon as you finish doing the downward facing dog pose because this is one of the most popular and essential yoga poses. It’s versatile because of abilities to engage your major muscle groups. This is the reason why the downward facing dog pose is the most popular warm-up pose.


I hope you find this Yoga for beginners series -2 sessions quite interesting and fulfilling! In coming up yoga for beginner series -3, you will learn to take the transition from the downward facing dog pose to cat and cow pose!

Why so many animals involved in yogic nomenclature? Simple, yogis are kind, compassionate and animal lovers too!

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    1. Thanks, Hema! Have you started your yoga routine? If yes then nice and if not then start now. You know this “it’s never too late”.

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