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9 Yoga Poses To Balance Your Root Chakra aka Muladhara. #Chakra #yogaposes #Muladhara #Rootchakra #BijaManta #Meditation


Welcome to the chakra series yogis!  Here you will explore your first chakra -The Muladhara or Root Chakra. Before exploring those essential yoga poses to balance your Root Chakra, we will know its existence and dominance in our life. You are at 100% right place at right time; if you want answers to these burning issues erupting you from inside out:

  • Are you in quest of stability, security, tranquillity, and happiness? Find it hard to manage your day to day needs and in a constant struggle of survival! AAND…
  • Procrastination is your favorite tool when it’s time to take action!
  • This behavior is contagious. That said, once you fail to meet deadlines and get into a defeated feeling, you hang in a loop. Productivity becomes something alienating from your life…

What will you do? Is there some way to get out of this black-hole?

What are you lacking…?

Energy? Motivation? Support? All…

Know more how out of balance chakra can hurt your quality life.

>> (In this post I’ve explained about all our body chakra and “story of my own parents (in the context))

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post (italicized only) are affiliate links. That said if you make a purchase using them I may earn a very small commission costing you nothing. Keep exploring!


>>I also talked about “Wheels of Life”. A Book by Anodea Judith”. This is also the main reference point and sole inspiration behind this Chakra Series. I highly recommend investing (and reading of course). This could be the best self-help and spiritual book on your shelf.

>>Aaand want to Know why should you read a book and get highly inspired, then “check here”.

Root Chakra- Most Powerful and sturdy

  • Located at the base of your spine (a space between our genitals and anus (the perineum), root chakra belongs to the element- Earth.
  • It is the most instinctual of all chakras, the very basis of our survival needs. The “fight-or-flight”, our response when the situation related to safety and security arises, is initiated here.
  • Associated with grounding, vitality, and stability. It also addresses our basic needs, such as food, water, and shelter.
  • Same is also responsible for our emotional needs and nature, like family loyalty, and inclinations and moral values.
  • As we always need a big will-power to get a self- boost. Every improvement needs bootstrapping to bring functionality in all aspects of your life. This bootstrapping needs a strong foundation for our brain and body.
  • These all can be accomplished very effectively by balancing your Muladhara aka Root Chakra. This Red Color energy center is the densest of all other six chakras stacked above it. If left unattended, causes physical and mental trouble.

What Does a Balanced Root Chakra Means

That says, when your root chakra is balanced, you experience serenity, joy, and inner calm. Will be more compassionate towards yourself and the people you love. No situation seems to challenge your confidence and vitality. You remain present for everything this universe bestows upon you.


“When the root chakra is balanced, you feel grounded and tranquil and yet as liberated as a butterfly”.

“Learn Here About Your Other Chakras Too”.

Ever wondered where all agonies, sorrow, anger, and other negative feeling accumulate?

Video- Root Chakra yoga Sequence

On which planet those boiling issues related to our emotions, which we don’t ever release, stay?

They automatically vanish after time goes. Right…?

I was wrong thinking my suppressed anger will make me look cool and calm in front of my family members and colleagues. And will vanish somewhere in the space of “vast universe”. How wrong I was!!!

Never realized that Newton’s law “<There is always a reaction against every action>” is for us humans too


Accumulated Emotions Stay and Hurt You If Left Unaddressed

  • The Root Chakra represents our whole body. The flesh, bones, the large intestine and lower parts of our bodies such as hips and legs.
  •  As I talked about the stored anger above, hips are the major depositor of the ill-will.
  •  If you’re experiencing constant back pain in the lower area, or *Sciatic Pain, the Muladhara Chakra needs your love and attention in order to overhaul it.

*Learn here everything of sciatic pain and “The Yogic Cure”.


Hold tight and learn these yoga poses to balance your root chakra

This moment I will discuss 9 yoga poses hand-picked for you. These are simple yet effective to open your hip area and the space occupied by the Root Chakra. Go through each of the poses and if you still find it hard, watch the video first.

Butttt… If you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat and ever experienced the bliss;

I would highly recommend to give it a kick start from my “yoga for beginner’s series”.


Also… find it hard to manage time for yoga in the morning because office timings are too strict. Don’t worry I got you covered. Check my “A complete book on office yoga”-

“Can office Yoga Lead You Professional Success!”

Ok…no more wait. Everything said. Time to open your mat and get… set…

Child’s Pose

#Child's pose is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing

Learn Child’s Pose and download here.

Cobra Pose

#Cobra pose is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing

You will get Cobra Pose along with the above Child’s Pose downloaded copy, Savasana in Bonus.


Locust Pose

#Locust pose is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing

Learn Locust Pose and download here.


Bridge Pose

#Bridge pose is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing


Learn Bridge Pose and download here.


Plank Pose

#Plank pose is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing

Learn Plank Pose and download here.


Downward Facing Dog Pose

#Downward facing dog pose is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing


Learn Downward Facing Dog Pose and download here along with other preceding posture.


Forward Fold

#Forward Fold is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing

Learn Forward Fold along with downward facing dog pose above.


Warrior Pose

#Warrior pose is the basic yet most effective #yoga pose to balance your #Root Chakra #Chakrabalancing

Learn Warrior Pose and download here.


Blissful Meditation

9 Yoga Poses to Balance Your Root Chakta. Seated #Meditation with #BijaMantra Lam...Lam...

  • Sit in Sukhasana (the easy Pose).
  • Take a deep breath in…hold…breath out.
  • Do five rounds.
  • Envision the color red radiating from the base of your spine.
  • Now start with the chanting of Bija Mantra Lam…lam…lam…lam….lam

Wrapping Up- yoga poses to balance your Root Chakra


I am feeling so much elevated spending my time in the company of chakra and more on so having being accompanied by you!

Thanks for being here!! Follow the above yoga routine and let me know how it went.

While in pose don’t separate from your thoughts that crimson whirling ball of energy. Send each of your breath to this energy center. As it is all about your being grounded and mindfulness. Hold every pose for five minutes and get aligned properly then experience the magical changes it brings in your life. Be sure I am not claiming a big claim here, I am the witness!

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In case

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Find your detailed guide on chakra here-  Wheels of Life”. A Book by Anodea Judith”.


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  • Rajeev Sharma

    Every topic is fruitful. My query is, Are there any limitations to or Side effects of performing these yoga’s ?

    • Rajeev performing yoga poses stated in the post or any other, will not harm you if done properly. In case you have any existing illness, please consult your doctor first.

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