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Hey guys! Today I am taking some pain to write about back pain. Yes, writing about pain is indeed painful. So is the reading. But, if you are in pain at this time, will feel great soon. In the “Back Pain Yoga Cure Series,” you will be served some deep insights on back pain- the causes, preventions, and “YOGIC CURE” for your ailing back.

Back pain exists everywhere- from my home to yours. Parents, in-laws, aunt-uncle, everyone seems to have contracted some kind of back pain. Children being the only exceptions, Thank God!

An estimated 10% of the world’s population suffers from pain in the lower back. According to a recent study by the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, one in ten people around the world are afflicted with LBP making it the world’s leading cause of disability.

Why a series on the Back Pain Yoga Cure?

Back pain yoga cure series is an effort and promise to keep your back healthy. Which is crucial to maintain your #health and fitness and increase your #productivity

Really, I never knew that it will turn out to be a soap opera. When I started with “Back Pain Yoga Cure”, it was all in one. But when it extended beyond 10,000 words, I had to reconsider, considering our attention span! Also reading this length may trigger another kind of back pain, I thought!

With a promise to address most of the back pains, this series will serve the very purpose of a painless life.

9 Common Types of Back Pain, You Should Be Aware Of

Back pain yoga cure series is an effort and promise to keep your back healthy. Which is crucial to maintain your #health and fitness and increase your #productivity

Our back is a complex system of muscles, bones, cartilage, and nerves.  Age, weight, lack of fitness are some of the causes of back pains. It’s important to be alert and exercise, regularly. Maintain a healthy weight and avoid lifting heavy objects. Since the back is involved in almost all of our daily activities, it can get injured pretty easily.

  1. SciaticaThe sciatic nerve, which starts in the lower back and runs down the back of each leg—becomes pinched and creates lower back pain and a sharp pain in one or both legs, especially when sitting.
  2. Fibromyalgia-Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals
  3. Osteoporosis-Menopause and other age-related factors deplete calcium and phosphorous present in the bones. Brittle, weak bones may break or collapse and create compression fractures.
  4. Arthritis– Whe inn the discs in the spine lose their ability to absorb shock, the bones rub together and create bone spurs.
  5. Pinched nerve– The nerve is pressed right up against the bone or muscle groups.
  6. Pregnancy– Extra weight in the front can put a lot of strain on the back and cause a back-ache.
  7. Bulging or slipped disc– One of the soft discs between the vertebrae extends out over the edge.
  8. Referred pain– Intense pain in another part of the body may cause pain in the low back or groin. This is a common symptom of kidney stones, for example.
  9. Cancer– Cancer of the spine or in nearby organs may trigger back pain.

7 -Ways You Can Soothe Acute Back Pain at Home

What if all of sudden your back starts soaring at the time an important meeting is fixed? Or maybe visiting a doctor too frequently is not in your habit (just like me!). Following are some remedies to get you going instantly. But in any case, don’t overlook the symptoms of pain for longer. If condition prevails, you may need to take an appointment with a doctor.

An anti-inflammatory as a first-aid

Like naproxen or ibuprofen. Since inflammation is a common cause of acute back pain, taking an anti-inflammatory is the best first-aid.

Check your time on the bed

Resting a day or two is rewarding. But a sedentary lifestyle can further deteriorate the condition. Gradually trying to step into your daily routine can be more healing.

Mind your sleeping posture

Love to lie on the back? Slip a pillow under your knees to reduce stress on the back and spine.  Want to switch on sides- place a pillow in between the knees and curl your legs up toward the chest.

“Sleeping on the stomach is generally not recommended as this almost always leads to hyperextension of the back,” says Dr. Chang. Learn more about how your sleep position impacts your health.

Hot and cold compression

Cold compresses work best if your back is inflamed. Signs of inflammation in the back include swelling and feeling hot and sensitive to the touch. Alternatively, heat therapy works best for stiffness by increasing blood flow to the area.

Try restorative yoga poses

Restorative yoga poses are the best when you are in pain.

Always use supports to cause less strain on the back. Avoid poses that strain the back.

Look for a good Physiotherapist

Yes, good not an average one. You can point him/her from a long queue of visiting patients. “The goal of physiotherapy for managing back pain is to show you the proper stretches, and pain management techniques to avoid aggravating the pain further.

Review your mattress

Yes, you may have this achy back because of your mattress. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 63 percent of people say that their back pain improved after getting a new mattress.

“Depending on how firm or how soft the mattress is, it may put your spine out of alignment”. Finding a right mattress is crucial in curing your back pain.

Why Yoga is The Best Practice to Heal Your Back Pain

The magnitude of suffering from any kind of pain may heighten because of perception.

Negative psychological and emotional factors don’t necessarily change the physiology of the back, but once coupled with negligence in nutritional intakes and a sedentary lifestyle, may cause havoc on overall health.

Role of mental factors may be further. Psychological and emotional factors are the primary influence in the sensation of pain and can physically alter the body.

For various reasons, high stress and negative emotions may actually cause back pain, especially in lower back and hips area. This is the main reason why hips-opener yoga poses result best in coping up stress and anxiety.

Yoga enables you to concentrate your energy on breathing and maintaining posture. The systematic breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain and sets a rhythm within the body and mind.

Further, this action added with mindful-meditation has the power to alleviate stress and anxiety, therefore, easing back pain caused by psychological and emotional factors.

Thus, reducing the perception of the pain (through yoga and meditation) can reduce the overall feeling of back pain.

Understanding the Heeling-Mechanism of Yoga

Yes, it is crucial at this point to understand the mechanism behind Yoga-science of yoga! For an in-depth understanding, please check YOGA BY ANATOMY.

Yoga Poses work in two ways:

Strengthening from holding yoga positions

Hence providing your core big strength.

Yoga poses such as the downward facing dog, cat and cow pose, cobra pose, plank pose, just to mention here,    gently strengthen the muscles in the back, as well as the abdominal muscles.

Back and abdominal muscles are essential components of the muscular network of the spine, helping the body maintain proper upright posture and movement. When these muscles are well conditioned, back pain can be greatly cured.

Stretching and relaxation from yoga

Hence relaxing your muscles.

Yoga postures incorporating stretching and relaxation such as forward fold, child pose, and diamond pose to name a few. These poses reduce tension in stress-carrying muscles. You may require to hold gentle poses anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds or 3 to 4 breaths. While in a posture, certain muscles flex, while others stretch, promoting relaxation and flexibility in muscles and joints.

Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Core and Alleviate Back Pain

Following yoga poses, if done regularly, will make your core and overall body strong enough to keep you ache-free.

Click the link given to download the tutorial for that pose.

Download here- Prayer Pose and Raised hand pose

Yoga for beginner, Prayer Pose for Back pain Yoga Cure
Prayer Pose
Yoga for beginner-2, Raised hand pose for back pain yoga cure series
, Raised Hand Pose

 Download here- Hand to foot pose and downward facing dog pose

yoga for beginners-2, Hand to foot pose or forward bend for back pain yoga cure series
Hand to Foot Pose
Downward Facing Dog Pose for back pain yoga cure series
Downward Facing Dog Pose

  Download here- Cat and cow pose

The cat pose for back pain yoga cure
Cat Pose
Cow Pose For Back pain yoga cure series
Cow Pose

Download here- plank pose and diamond pose

The Plank Pose, For Back pain yoga cure series
Plank Pose
Diamond Pose for back pain yoga cure series
Diamond Pose

Download child pose, cobra pose, and savasana

The child pose For Back pain yoga cure series
Child Pose
Yoga and skeletal system, cobra pose for back pain yoga cure
Cobra Pose
Savasana For Back pain yoga cure series

Wrapping up back pain yoga cure series

I think it’s time to conclude this part of the Back pain series. You got familiar with common types of back pains and the first step you can take when you are struck with pain.

Yoga poses mentioned above are from my “Yoga For Beginners Series”. These are the basic but most important part of a yoga flow. Please download the poses if you have not yet.

Further, it is not needed at all if you already practice yoga. If this is the case, I’m sure you are healthy and pain-free human like me (presently!). Yes, I used to be in pain earlier, but my yogic life made me a happier ever being!

In the coming up series, You will be reading ( learning and curing) other kinds of Back Pains, which I briefly discussed above, under the heading “9 Common Types of Back Pain, You Should Be Aware Of”.  Causes and the yoga poses associated with them, all one by one. So please Stay in touch for a healthy back @2019. The best way is to subscribe and get everything in your inbox.

Thanks a lot for accompanying up to here! If you have your friends, mom-dad, and near and dears, with a problematic back, share with them. They will, in turn, be thankful to you! For any query, please feel free to leave your response.

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