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Ayurveda pays great attention to nutrition and the relationship with nature. Hence, Ayurveda emphasizes more on fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes and spices. There are some most healthy and immunity boosting fruits and vegetables for winters according to Ayurveda which are also in-season. Hence they devour most nutritional energy  apart from the fact being pretty affordable too! Also, fruits are  generally low in calories and high in fiber, which may help you to lose weight.

In fact, eating fruit is linked to a lower body weight and a lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease.

Ayurveda believes that all diseases originate from the stomach, and our health depends not only on what type of food we eat, but also on the ability of our body to digest and absorb these foods. This digestive ability is called the digestive fire 🔥 or Agni.

Ayurvedic texts explain that the nature of raw vegetables and fruits is cold, light, dry, rough, and rajasic. That is, they have a stimulating effect on the sensory tastes and activate the body as a whole.

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Army, Defence, Arsenals, And Immunity

Immunity boosting fruits and vegetables for the winters according to Ayurveda #immunity #yoga for immunity series

“Once again the mankind is safe”! In between, we learnt that the tiniest virus can create more havoc than a nuclear bomb! And no matter how many vaccines we may develop, we have no control over “mutations of viruses”.

That said, a strong immune system should always be a priority and now with the pandemic spreading its wings across the globe, this becomes even more crucial.

A strong immune system is the front fighter of defense against any virus attack, which can be life-threatening. And the wisest way to do so is by eating a healthy and balanced diet. 

Winter is a special season when it comes to providing nutrition for your body. Mother-nature provides fruits and vegetables which can drastically boost your immunity as well as prevent you from the common diseases. If you think that only woolen clothes are your best friends during cold weather, think again! 

Certain foods can help you to strengthen your body’s immune system and provide you healthy brain and body both.

 Today I am going to talk about such immunity boosting fruits and vegetables which are highly nutritional and anti-allergic according to the Ayurveda! But just like any other food, fruits and vegetables should also be consumed in specific ways. Although, there aren’t many hard and fast rules! Just have a look what experts say
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Etiquettes of eating fruits- Dos And Don’ts


According to the Times Of India,

  • “The best time to eat fruits is first thing in the morning after a glass of water.Eating fruits right after a meal is not a great idea, as it may not be digested properly. The nutrients may not be absorbed properly either. You need to leave a gap of at least 30 minutes between a meal and a fruit snack”.
  • Consume fruits in intervals; space out the intake between your meals.
  • A mid-morning snack i.e. between breakfast and lunch is the best time to eat fruits.
  • Fruits should mostly be eaten before noon, as eating them later in the evening could give a sudden energy boost, thus disturbing your sleep-cycle.
  • In case you are diabetic, just avoid  eating fruits for breakfast as they can spike your body sugar levels. It can also increase your hunger levels.
  • The best way to eat fruit is to eat it whole. But occasionally you can go for fruit juices also. When having fruit juice, consume it freshly made  just prepare and drink immediately. 
  • Also avoid consuming heated  or canned juice.
  • Cooked fruits are mostly useless as their nutrients get spoilt only leaving some taste. 
  • Don’t overcook your vegetables also. Eat them raw or  boiled preferably! Vegetable soups are best beverages to have during winters.

9 Best Immunity Boosting Fruits and Vegetables You Should Eat  this Winter 

Immunity boosting fruits and vegetables for the winters according to Ayurveda #immunity #yoga for immunity series

Amla- Indian Gooseberry

Amla a winter fruit

One fruit/ vegetable, which is cheap, easily available, and can help boost immunity is amla, also known as Indian gooseberries. This berry can help boost immunity and keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

An array of antioxidants found in Amla can help neutralize the free radicals and save you from many diseases. Amla also has anti-bacterial properties that can help detoxify your system and even reduce acne and dandruff. Amla is the all-time best remedy against the common cold.


Lemon for beauty and immunity


Supercharged with Vitamin C and huge amounts of nutrients, lemon water can make your skin glow like never before.

You can try sipping warm lemon water first thing each morning to see your skin glow. 

Drinking lemon water or mixing lemon juice with your food and beverages can boost your immune system drastically.

The high measures of nutrients, potassium, and folate can supercharge your immune system and keep your free from the diseases. So you can stay free from cold or sinus-related problems this winter just by eating mindfully and consuming lemon religiously!  Both the regular phytonutrients and gut-recuperating properties of this beverage will give your immune system an additional boost.


Spinach to keep the infections at bay


Maybe the era of Popeye the Sailor Man is gone but spinach should never go away from your menu. These beautiful green leaves are a very rich source of vitamin A and C which work as antioxidants and stop getting infections due to seasonal changes. One serving of spinach each day can help to strengthen the bone mass and prevent the Osteoporosis.

Beetroot – the brightest choice

Low temperature can turn our metabolism sluggish. Beetroots have low calories yet very high nutritional values. High fiber contains are also helpful in flushing out the toxicants from our bodies and prevent from the constipation. Moreover, adding this vibrant colored vegetable to your food, soups, and salads sets the mood for mindful eating.


Radish to improve your immunity


Radishes are rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium, iron, and copper. Together, these nutrients help lower high blood pressure and reduce your risks for heart disease. The radish is also a good source of natural nitrates that improve blood flow.

This is the most common and popular vegetable around used as a salad.  According to Ayurveda, regular use of radish can keep you always healthy especially during winters.


Vitamins storehouse carrot


The amount of keratin in carrots is in abundance as compared to the other fruits and vegetables. Carrot is full of vitamins B, C, D, E, and K. Regular use of carrots can improve your vision, give your skin a natural glow, and help to fight anemia. You can eat it raw and in cooked form, it is healthy either way. 


Oranges the Bacteria Warriors

Orange immunity boosting fruit

Eating oranges during winter has its advantages. These are full of vitamin C which helps to fight bacteria and improve immunity. Being a low-calorie fruit also helps to manage your weight efficiently.


An Apples AKA Doctor’s Enemy


Yeah, you are right if you are expecting the proverb Apple has bought for us. An apple a day… good thing is that you can take two without  worries 😃

 This is quite true when you think about the benefits you derive from consuming an apple. Apples are great for the nervous system. The anti-oxidants prevent cellular death in the neurons,  enhancing  performance of the nervous system. The improvement in the neurological health from consuming apples can also offset the risk of developing Alzheimer’s at a later stage in life. Apart from this, apples also reduce the risk of a thrombotic stroke and  developing diabetes.

Guavas- Storehouse To Vitamins, Minerals, and Fibers


 Like apples, guavas are also available throughout the year. However, consuming guavas is more beneficial when it is done during the winter season. The folate in guavas is known to promote fertility. The fruit also regulates the functionality of the thyroid glands. Guavas also act as antiseptic. Applying guava on the cut leads to the faster healing of tissues. Furthermore, due to the high fiber content of the fruit, guavas also help against constipation.



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Wrapping up- Immunity Boosting Fruits And Vegetables For Winters

Immunity boosting fruits and vegetables for the winters according to Ayurveda #immunity #yoga for immunity series

Remember that all seasonal produce caters to the needs of that particular season. For instance, the benefits of oranges are more suitable for winter than they are for summer. Consume at least one serving of a fruit salad daily, to derive all of the benefits from the seasonal fruits. Similarly, try to incorporate as many of the seasonal and colorful vegetables in your diet.


This is a great trick to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the benefits of these foods in winter.





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