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These yoga poses for beautiful and glowing skin will detoxify you from the inside out and help to rejuvenate and glow your skin.

Yoga poses for glowing and beautiful skin. #yoga_for_skin

Hey, have you heard of inner beauty? Yeah, a lot! But how to get it? Would you like to know a secret tool to keep your overall beauty intact and even enhance it at any point in your life?


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Can Yoga Actually Improve Your Skin

"Soft, supple, wrinkle-free, youthful". All the skin- adjectives mirroring the beauty-scale can be seen on lotions' and potions' wrappers. But is it truly possible to get glossy and pimple-free skin using external beauty products alone? Perhaps no, because most of them are added with harmful and scented chemicals. Real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and is cultivated inside out with the most ancient yoga practices. Of course, human-made best beauty products can help to preserve the outer beauty, temporary.

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A mindful yoga practice can rejuvenate your skin and other body parts like never before. Yoga works on a multilevel just like your skin-care beauty regimen can do. It can tone, moisturize, and tighten your skin by providing an abundance of blood and oxygen supply to this sensory organ.

Your skin becomes live with a natural, everlasting radiance! Yoga also flushes out toxins and other forms of impurities that got mixed up in your bloodstream leaving dull and patchy skin.

Yoga sequence for flawless and healthy skin#skin care, skin care products

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Common Skin Problems- Wrinkles and Premature Aging


Skin problems such as premature aging, wrinkles, and sagging are the outcome of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lack of sleep, smoking, drinking, drug addiction, and food choices can make our skin look decades older. Acne, on the other hand, may occur due to hormonal changes, improper digestion, and lack of hygiene which is common among teenagers. Whatever the reason be, the following yoga postures for the beautiful and glowing skin would help you to achieve the best skin you have ever dreamt of!


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Chakras, the seven energy centers, and your skin


Seven Body Chakras represent every internal and external organ of our body. When there is an imbalance in any of the Chakra, it reflects the organ associated with it. Our skin is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra -our 3rd Chakra. That said, if you see any skin problem or chronic skin disease, you must check with your solar plexus chakra or Manipura. There are various methods to balance your Chakras such as color therapy, crystal stones, yoga, mudra, essential oils, and more.

Manipura is represented by the color yellow so try to put so many yellow things around you. Wear yellow clothes, eat fruits and food which are principally yellow. And most importantly do yoga poses for solar plexus Chakra. Some Yogis emphasis on the Heart Chakra being the Chakra of skin so I am going to include yoga posture for heart Chakra also in today's sequence.

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Just keep in mind that the principal objective of yoga is to transform you as a whole. Please pause, and think, if you are considering yoga as a slimming, shaping, and tool for the weight loss! Practices of yoga detoxify your brain, body, and soul altogether and bring a sense of tranquility in your life.

That said, save your precious time and money and do stay safe in this era of pandemics and other contagious diseases by doing these effortless yoga postures for beautiful and radiant skin on your yoga mat at your convenience!


Which Yoga Is Best For Healthy And Glowing Skin?

Yoga poses for beautiful and glowing skin. #yoga_for_skin_glow

If you are a seasoned yoga practitioner, you must be aware of the fact that all the yoga postures work hand in hand to nourish your mind, body, and soul. You don't have to bother much about selecting the best yoga postures for growing skin. However, if you intend to nurture the skin and achieve flawless beauty then definitely you should prefer the postures which provide the following effects:

Twisting Effects


To flush out toxins from your body and reduce stress and anxiety. Twisting yoga postures also work to improve your digestion and prevent constipation.

eg- Seated and Lying Spinal Twists

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Forward Bends And Inversions


Inverted postures can stimulate our nervous system, bring more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, boost our metabolic rate, and up our energy levels.

They supply fresh Oxygen and make the blood circulation better in your facial area.

eg.-Uttanasana, Pashchimottanasana, Shashankasana

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Yoga backbends open your heart and throat area stimulate the thyroid gland which helps to balance hormones, massage your neck and shoulder area and give a wrinkle-free neck.

eg.- camel pose, bow pose, etc.

FacE Yoga

To encounter wrinkles and dullness of facial skin, tone facial muscles and reduce aging effects.

Watch The Video- How To Do Face Yoga

Face yoga1 YouTube thumbnail Face yoga2 YouTube thumbnail

Skin beauty product image, a herbal cream based on sandalwood and other herbs

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Here Are The Best Yoga Postures For Beautiful And Glowing Skin

Yoga poses for beautiful and healthy skin collage

Click above 👆 to watch the video

Please click the poses links to download how to do and benefits.

Watch the video- 15 Minutes Yoga Sequence For Beautiful And Glowing Skin


Mountain pose

Forward fold or uttanasana

Downward facing dog posture


Triangle pose

Puppy Pose

Bow pose

Camel pose

Cat and cow pose



This asana encourages deep breathing, works to normalize hormonal imbalance, and relaxes muscles. It also makes the skin more flexible and firm.

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Best Mudra for beautiful skin

Varun Mudra

Varun mudra helps to balance water elements in your body and keeping your skin moisturized naturally.

How to do
  • Sit in sukhasana.
  • Press your little finger with the thumb keeping other fingers straight.
  • Breath deep, slow, and sound.
  • Do it for 10-15 minutes after your yoga practice.


My TIPS to get a flawless skin


Drink plenty of water and other liquids

Water and other fluids help to maintain the pH value of the skin keeping moist and free from diseases.

Workout daily

Aerobics, long-walks, swimming, and other physical activities are also helpful to enhance the skin glow and natural radiance.

Eat mindfully

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C. Fruits like guava and papaya  are especially beneficial in cleansing the system. External use of RAW potatoes and cucumber is effective in reducing dark spots, scars, tans, and sunburn.

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Avoid stocked, fried, or junk food and overly sweet or spicy foods. Also, choose a diet suitable to your constitution depending on your body type: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.

Read: Know your Ayurvedic body type


Sleep well

When your body is well-rested, it automatically shows on your face. Try to get eight hours of good sleep. In case you are feeling tired go for a power nap.


Read: How to power nap for your health benefits

Stay natural


You can follow a routine of weekly Ayurvedic facial packages and facial scrubs. Use natural herbs and vitamin E supplements to rejuvenate your skin. Wear a good quality sunscreen lotion when you step out and then clean it properly back home. Coldwater splashing on your face also helps you to keep it fresh and is beneficial for your eyes also.


Smile, please

Smiling is the best way to enhance your skin radiance and create positive vibes wherever you go. A smile can augment your looks immediately.


Meditate more often

Meditation gives you a calm feeling which has the power to replace a facial routine and helps you radiate with confidence. So meditate twice a day, every day.

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Wrapping up- yoga poses for a glowing skin

Yoga can do wonders for your skin, muscles, bones, and hairs altogether. The de-stressing powers of yoga reduce the level of cortisol. Yoga helps you to look much younger by improving skin flexibility and tightness. This further helps to reduce wrinkles, withering and dullness, and patches.


With healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, and staying stress-free, you can own what you wished for, glowing, healthy skin not just your facial but overall your body.




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