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Most of us grow up dreaming of beautiful, long, and lustrous mane. This cannot be just another human desire to wish for abundance. Healthy mane is a symbolism of beauty, sexuality, and being desirable among all the species. Yet, on contrary to humans, where females are more obsessed with the long hairs, males of many species such as lions, rabbits, sheep are naturally gifted with the hair-fullness. But hey, if you’re suffering from hair related problems such as hair falls, split ends, dandruff, and frizz, you are absolutely at the right place because I have created this 30 minutes yoga for beautiful and healthy hair. So cheers because the goodies list is long since you have a full video tutorial and an option for the pdf download for “3 DIY Natural Hair Care Recipe”. So read till this post ends and don’t forget to grab your freebie.

Yoga Sequence For Beautiful and Healthy Hair

A Hair Raising Truth: More Hair Means  More Care


Once upon a time (I beg you to read my own story) my own hair used to be full-grown up to thighs. I was in class 10th. My mother used to wash them with a special concoction. That used to be prepared with the overnight soaked mixture of ritha-shikakai-amla. In her weekly ventures, each Sunday morning mom’s working field in highest priority was none other than my scalp. Though, only smelling the concoction was enough to turn all my senses on, the credit of my charged brain goes to mother’s candid hand-work on my scalp!

My head bowing before her, she generously pouring the lukewarm mixture over my head and finally ears listening to those reasons why she never was in favor of growing my hairs long.

Once the hairs seemed apparently clean, the rinsing process required me to do Sirsasana inside a bucket full of water. Nevertheless, my number of transitions from mountain pose to Uttanasana inside the bucket went in vain because concoction-residue still remained in Eagle Pose with my hair strands.

This was mother’s hard work, the concoction-effect or the inversions, my hairs saw the best of the both world during that time.

My envious friends made me realize quite often that where today my hairs stand (read hang), are due to my mom’s sincere, regular hard work and I have no reason to feel proud of…☹️ And now thanks for reading my story.

 Through sharing my story, I want to bring your focus on the quantity, quality, or say Health of one’s hair. While long and voluminous hairs require lots of effort to maintain, they are the subtle indicators of your good health. 

Though rearing of these health imperatives never been a cat-walk, yet, you can always nurture them to add to your beauty and confidence. Once again thank all the blessings the science of yoga stores for us which can enrich all the aspects of our life.

Yoga Sequence For Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Before Diving into yoga for beautiful and healthy hairs here are some FAQs related to the yoga and hair-care,  I have researched in Google. Just have a look as it may answer some of your queries too.

Hair Related FAQs

Q. Can Yoga increase hair growth?

A. Yoga can help you regain your healthy strong hair back. Yes, you heard it right. Performing yoga every day will improve your hair growth and also keep your overall health in check. When practiced regularly these techniques can promote hair growth indeed.

Q. How SARVANGASANA helps hair fall?

A- Wonder benefits of Sarvangasana Prevents hair fall: The asana increases the supply of blood, as well as nutrients in the scalp region, thus prevents hair loss, hair fall, and premature graying of hair.

Q. Which fruit is best for hair?

A. The best sources are blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries, and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which strengthens the capillaries that supply the hair shafts.

Q. Does Sirsasana regrow hair?

A. The extra supply of blood during Sirsasana helps to work the sensory organs perfectly. … Sirsasana doesn’t only direct enriched blood to the brain, it also sends it to the scalp. The transforming of grey hair into its original color and good growth of hair is possible through the practice of this headstand pose.

I hope the above conversation helped you.

But no false claims, please. Like Sirsasana can make grey hairs black or for instance, SARVANGASANA can regrow out of bald.

This is true that regular yoga can help to stop hair fall or premature hair greying, but it can not completely nullify the age factors. This also justifies the law of nature with which we can’t and shouldn’t conflict.


Yoga Sequence For Beautiful and Healthy Hair, #HairYoga #Balayam #Bhramaripranayam

Your Chakras And Hairs Relations

Sounds obscure? But yes this is a thing.

Just tap into how it feels on good hair days. You feel so energetic and alive… Think beyond the bodily appearance, doesn’t everything seems to aligned, controlled yet liberating.

Now, remember a great party full of high profile selected people (pandemic effect) gathering. Your rich aunt once again stunned everyone around with her premium dress and jewelry. But due to the reason that her hairdresser couldn’t turn around (maybe due to the lockdown in her area:( she isn’t not feeling out of the world this time. On the other hand, one humble guest is shining above all due to her healthy and perfect hairdos.

The function of the hair is said to act as an energetic antenna between the physical and spiritual world.


But not going to more in-depth here, we should think about nourishing our Chakras, especially the crown chakra and the throat chakra.




Throat Chakra Yoga Sequence

Yoga Poses For Sacral Chakra

New to Chakras? There is everything about them in my book “Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life”. And it’s free 😊

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With all said let’s start our venture together -yoga for beautiful and healthy hairs. And don’t worry about the anatomy of Sirsasana and Sarvangasana, I have many other inversions in store for you. But be sure to act upon it because reading yoga postures can render no visible effects but doing can. Once you are done reading and understanding, unroll your yoga mat, watch the below video and flow along with me😍


Yoga Sequence For Beautiful and Healthy Hair. Yoga poses collage depicting #hairyoga #healthyhair#hairfolicles

30 Minutes Yoga Sequence For Beautiful And Healthy Hair


We shall start with a few warmup yoga poses then do some dynamic inversions and holding Yoga Postures. Today our focus is on inversions so that we can nourish our scalp better as well as some core work to stimulate the digestive system. Yoga inversions help to rush the blood and hence oxygen supply to our crown, nourishing it excellently. Inversions also play a vital role in keeping the stress at bay. 


Also, there’s a special hair-rejuvenator mudra (hand gesture) for you and seated meditation to seal the practice, so watch the full video.

And today’s cherry on the cake is my mom’s concoction hair therapy recipe with some dos and don’ts when it comes to your hair care. All that said let’s begin our YOGA FOR BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTHY HAIRS.


Vajrasana Circles

Vajrasana Circles to get beautiful and healthy hair. #Hairyoga, yoga sequence for hair

Dynamic Child’s Pose

Moving Child Pose to get beautiful and healthy hair. #Hairyoga, yoga sequence for hair

Dynamic Cat and Cow Pose aka Marjreyasana

Cat and cow pose to get beautiful and healthy hair. #Hairyoga, yoga sequence for hair


Downward Facing Dog Pose Twists aka Adhomukh Swanasana

Downward facing dog twists

Camel Pose aka Ushtrasana

Ushtrasana to get beautiful and healthy hair. #Hairyoga, yoga sequence for hair


Rabit Pose aka Shashankasana

Shashankasana or rabit poes to get beautiful and healthy hair. #Hairyoga, yoga sequence for hair

Garland Pose aka Malasana

Garland Pose to get beautiful and healthy hair. #Hairyoga, yoga sequence for hair

Three-Point Inversion Crow Pose Inversion

Yoga inversion to nourish your scalp

Balayam aka Nakhagharshan Kriya

Nail rubbing hand mudra for hair growth

Bhramari Pranayam aka Bumble Bee Pranayam

Bhramari or Bumble Bee Pranayam



Watch The Video “Yoga For Beautiful and Healthy Hairs


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Dos To Hair Care


Must-Have Dietary Ingredients For Good Hair


  • Drink Plenty of WATER
  • Take a balanced diet
  • Eat vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables regularly
  • Do include milk, curd, and nuts in your diet.
  • Take flaxseeds in some form.
Remember This For Hair Beauty


  • Always oil your hair before shampooing.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly after every wash to avoid any build-ups on the scalp.
  • Regular use of natural henna, egg, curd, and lemons is the best hair care regimen.
  • In case of massive hair loss due to pregnancy or any other illness seek medical advice.
  • Castor oil works well in external hair treatment. But do mix with a base oil such as coconut oil and olive oil. I use olive oil in winters and coconut oil in summers.

Button- How To buy yoga blocks


Button- How To buy yoga blocks

Button- How To buy yoga blocks



Avoid these life Style Mistakes In Order To Have Healthy Hairs


  • Crash diet plans
  • Artificial hair colors
  • Too frequent hair wash
  • Combing wet hairs
  • Fast-drying using a hairdryer or Sunlight.
  • Chronic Stress


Wrapping Up- Yoga For Beautiful And Healthy Hair

Thanks for reading till here. The last thing I want to say that we should avoid comparisons and should focus more on how to keep ourselves stress-free and happy. This will definitely mirror on our persona, our hair included. Please share if you liked the read, share buttons are just below, and yes be sure to download the 3 DIY recipes for beautiful hair from the form below if you haven’t yet.

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