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Would you like to know how to bring more harmony and pleasure into your life and overcome challenges with elegance and effortlessness? Are you aware that you can achieve this, and much more, through energetic alignment and unblocking of your chakras? In this Chakra series, we will focus on our sacral Chakra aka Swadhisthana.

There exist very powerful yoga poses to unblock your sacral chakra which you can practice regularly along with the proper food and lifestyle changes (both described later).

PS- Please don’t cease reading this Wikipediaic” article. Coming up later is a 20 Minutes Sacral Chakra Yoga Sequence video. So stay tuned ☺️

11 Yoga Poses to unblock the Sacral Chakra #Sacral Chakra #Chakra Balancing + Ushas Mudra

Dealing With Undefined Issues? Symptoms of an Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

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The flow of your creative juices ceased nowadays, or find it quite hard to intimate with your partner! These symptoms could be the result of an imbalanced Sacral Chakra because Pleasure and emotions rule the sacral chakra. Even Worst…Your Brain gets saturated with the emerging ideas leading a creativity blockage, or a kind of surge in sexual desire! Establishing a connection with the surroundings is not your cup of tea, you crave to fantasize instead. With these situations, more chances are that the feeling of isolation creeps in. Life starts to suck in the absence of pleasure.  And finally, this situation may lead to multiple addictions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling or even over indulgence in sex.

Best Yoga Poses to unblock the sacral chakra aka swadhisthana. #Sacralchakra #Chakrabalancing

How the blocked Sacral Chakra Effects Physically

A blocked sacral chakra can make you feel like you’ve lost control of your life and unable to retake hold of the reins. Sacral chakra energy is directly related to and is nurtured by, that of the root chakra. Considered feminine in quality, sacral chakra energy located in the lower abdomen, is what gives you the ability to be open with and nurture yourself and others.

Bodily speaking, when the sacral chakra is blocked, you may experience a range of symptoms that are generally curbed to the lower abdomen, back, and reproductive and digestive organs.

Sacral Chakra Yoga Sequence video #swadhisthana #ushas Mudra

Most common physical symptoms are-

Further, Sacral chakra imbalance frequently manifests as emotional and psychological difficulties, including:

  • depression
  • low self-esteem
  • insecurity
  • detachment
  • jealousy
  • fear
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Since the sacral chakra directly influences sexuality, a decline in sexual interest and performance to become an issue can’t be ruled out. Sexual dysfunction, missing libido is a good indicator there is an imbalance of the sacral chakra.

Where Can You Find Sacral Chakra in Your Body

Located in the lower abdomen, below the navel, this chakra relates to our sense of creativity and relation to other people. An imbalance in this chakra can result in emotional instability, lack of energy and motivation, low self-esteem and dependency on others.

Also, this can physically manifest in urinary infections, lower back pain, and irregular menstrual cycles among others. A balanced sacral chakra will realm you feel full of energy, confident and inspired to explore new opportunities life can contribute.

Watch The Video Yoga Sequence For Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Yoga Postures, YouTube Thumbnail

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Kundalini yoga to unblock the Sacral Chakra


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Origin of Chakra System- Firm Your Believes

The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas. Evidence of chakras, spelled cakra, is also found in the Shri Jabala Darshana Upanishad, the Cudamini Upanishad, the Yoga-Shikka Upanishad, and the Shandilya Upanishad. According to the scholar Anodea Judith in her book the Wheels of Life, knowledge of the chakra system was passed down through an oral tradition by the Indo-European people, also called the Aryan people. The Chakra system was traditionally an Eastern philosophy until New Age authors, like Anodea Judith, resonated with the idea and wrote about the chakras, expanding upon the older texts and making the knowledge more accessible.

Why Is Yoga the Most Effective Way to Balance Your Chakra?


Sooo… what do the chakras have to do with yoga?

Unfortunately, our so-called modern lifestyle is responsible for the disparity in our Chakra System. Our day is all about the affiliation with desk and car. That said, among the list of our daily activities sitting and driving is prominent.

When we sit prolonged, we restrict the flow of vital energy in our lower body specifically the hips area.

This is where the things creative energies reside and grow. Specifically designed yoga practice can loosen these obstacles in the hips area and help to balance our Sacral Chakra.

Yoga Postures ensure a smooth circulation of Prana hence directing the flow of energy appropriately.

Though extremely important for protecting the muscular-skeletal system i.e. the physical body, correct alignment in yoga poses also plays a part in channeling energy throughout.

A finely tuned yoga sequence can help to release any blocked or stagnant energy and help to bring balance to a chakra.

Not only that, but the breathwork practiced in a yoga class also helps to shift blocked energy.

That wonderful feeling you begin to experience after a yoga class and that sense of wellbeing and stress-free from practicing yoga regularly isn’t solely connected to the feel-good hormones released in exercise.

For more details, read “How Yoga And Meditation Balance Your Body Chakra”.

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How Can We Forget That…

Yoga teaches that true pleasure comes from within and its supply is unlimited.

We can sense this wellspring of pleasure in meditation or even in Savasana when we feel content despite the absence of pleasurable objects and addictive behaviours.

Our ability to adapt and flow with our lives (as we have created them) connects to the energy of the Sacral Chakra.

Color of Your Sacral Chakra- Hues Specified

The sacral chakra is represented by the color orange.

Just as the sacral chakra is located in the pelvic area, orange is the hues of our gut feelings and wisdom.

Buddhists call this “hara”, the center of being through which we connect with the deepest voice of the self, the deepest stillness and wisdom and where we find bliss.

Orange energy is very sensual. Living a life guided by orange color transforms even the most mundane daily experiences into pleasurable experiences.

That is not to say that orange is purely pleasure-seeking. Orange is also associated with the gentle and positive nurturing of ourselves which moves us on our path of growth and development.

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The Sacral Chakra On Physical level

On a physical level orange relates to the colon, bladder, and gallbladder. It is part of the digestive system and assimilation.


Bija Mantra to Balance Your Sacral Chakra- The Specific Chanting

In addition to physical alignments and breathing techniques, yoga also gives us sound and vibration to work with imbalanced energy. The Sacral Chakra vibrates with the sound “VAM” (pronounced V-UH-M).

For the maximum effect, chant this Bija Mantra aloud while you focus on your sacrum and lower pelvis.

Best Yoga Poses to Unblock Sacral Chakra

“A hip-focused yoga practice can release discomfort and help you look at everything as an opportunity,” says Mary Beth LaRue, a Los Angeles–based yoga teacher and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga-inspired coaching business that helps people craft creative lives. “Ultimately, hip-opening Asanas teach you to loosen your grip on life and let things ebb and flow.

And finding a sense of fluidity in your day-to-day life transforms all of your relationships, including your relationship with yourself.”

 Find your “Creative Juices and Spark of Pleasure” With The Following Yoga Poses

Best Yoga Poses to unblock the sacral chakra aka swadhisthana. #Sacralchakra #Chakrabalancing


PS: When you click on a yoga pose text link,  it will be downloaded with the complete information.

1- Vajrasana

Vajrasana- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

2- Frog Pose

Frog Pose- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

3- Garland Pose aka Malasana

Malasana- - A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

4- Camel Pose aka Ustrasana

Ustrasana- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.


5- Reclining Bound Angle

Recline bound angle pose- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

6- Paschimottanasana

Pashchimottasana- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

7- Goddess Pose

Utkatasana- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

8- Warrior Pose

Warrior pose aka virbhadrasana- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

9- Anjaneyasana

Anjaneyasana- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

10- Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana aka Cobra Pose- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

11- Bow Pose

Dhanurasana aka bow pose- A yoga pose to unblock the Sacral Chakra.

Break of Day Mudra (Ushas Mudra)

Ushas Mudra to unblock your Sacral chakra


This mudra can be done from a seated position with your hands resting easily in your lap. To form the mudra, interlace your fingers with your left thumb on top gently pressing into your right thumb (men should practice with the right thumb on top).

Staying in this mudra for five to 15 minutes after waking in the morning will cultivate a tranquil mood because your hormones are balanced.

This mudra is referred to as the “Break of Day Mudra” because it helps bring mental alertness and feels pleasurable to practice.

  • It helps to be cleared in the morning.
  • Stimulates the sexual energy of our second chakra, Swadhisthana and aimed it at the upper energy centers.
  • It generates mental alertness and interest in things.
  • Activates our hormonal system.

Food To Fuel Your Sacral Chakra

-Sweet and juicy fruits: Melons, mangos, oranges, strawberries.

– Honey

-Nuts, flaxseed, and sesame

-Spices and flavors: vanilla, cinnamon

Read: 9 Immunity Boosting Fruits And Vegetables You Can Eat In Winters

 Other Powerful methods To Unblock Your Chakra System

Be a Nature Lover

Spending time away from the urban lives and settling peacefully in your home-garden is the best easiest thing you can do for balancing your chakras system.

Fill corners of your house with more of the indoor plants. Let fresh air and sunlight enter every nook and corner of your house.

Breathe Mindfully

We tend to breathe short and shallow more often than we think. Well, we all are the culprit. But again, it is far easier to be mindful and make the best use of our respiratory organs. So deep breath and visualize to direct the energy to align our whole chakra system.

Wear The Colors

Colors speak a lot and do a lot more. Find here everything explaining about color and chakras association.


Practice Gratitude

As you already know that in a state of gratitude, you instantly raise your vibrational frequency.

When you raise your vibration, you open your chakras and you start attracting more positive things in your life, like abundance, happiness, peace and even better relationships!

Do Try These Years-Old Methods To Unblock the chakras

Chakra Stones Kits, Essential Oils, Naturopathy, Color Therapy, Proper sitting Posture for spinal alignment are

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Wrapping up- Yoga Poses to Unblock Your Sacral Chakra

To Sum up, your sacral chakra is the driving force behind the enjoyment you get through using your five senses. Hence if you receive pleasure from seeing, hearing, tasting, or touching something, your sacral chakra whirling in balance.

While most of us suffer from tight hips, having hips that are too slack is not very uncommon. To channelize the second chakra’s power, you need both physical openness to unlock creativity, and a strong structure to give that creative direction. The health of your hips can indicate, how balanced your second chakra is.

That said, the extensive freedom of movement (knees all the surrendered to the floor in Supta Baddha Konasana [Reclining Bound Angle Pose] can be an indication of a very wild Swadhisthana energy! It’s common to be addicted to an unhealthy relationship, or emotional surges, and unfulfilling lustful desire!

To counter this energy, add more poses like Low Lunge or Camel Pose with an emphasis on drawing in, containing, and stabilizing the hips. “Focus on grounding with each inhale, engaging your abductors (outer thigh muscles), hugging in toward your midline with your adductors (inner-thigh muscles), and lifting your pelvic floor to support the lower back. This will give the second chakra a clear, constructive way to express your true self”, explains LaRue.

Free Master class by Anodea Judith


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  • Tight hips, and lower back pain have been my issue for many years. I’m going to try these 11 poses. Thank you for offering so much valuable information!

    • Hello Robin! Glad to know that you found it helpful. For your back pain and tight hips, there is back pain series that can also help you. keep it up!

  • This article was so informational! I loved being able to see the poses and learn about different chakras. I don’t usually read articles like this but this one caught my eye. I can’t wait to see what you write for us next!

    • Hello Rachlemorgan! Thanks for all your nice words and encouragement. Yes, there is much more for you in the chakra series which will prove to be ultra helpful to you!

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