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These fabulous yoga poses to boost your focus, concentration, and productivity, when done regularly can,

  • rewire your neurons,
  • increase your focus, concentration and,
  •  take your productivity to the next higher level.
This post also includes-
  •   Pranayam
  •  Kriya
  • And a video sequence:

 "15 minutes yoga sequence to increase your focus concentration and productivity".

  So please keep reading till the...end...


We- the humans, "the best-known species on the earth" are smart enough to discover monkeys as our ancestors.

In the developmental stages, we left monkeys much behind us.

Brain wise, Monkeys are where they were thousands of years ago.

However, Humans' hunger to evolve brain-wise or otherwise never ceased!

Hence, we and you live with our monkey-mind! 🤣

Mindful practices like yoga can help to control our monkey-mind and bless us with-

" laser beam focus".

How Yoga Practice Can Rewire Your Brain


Best yoga poses and video sequence for- yoga to boost focus, concentration and productivity

Yoga is often lauded for its ability to improve flexibility and strength, reduce stress, and boost mindfulness.

But new research suggests it might have benefits for your brain as well.

Yoga practitioners showed more gray matter volume in their brains—which has been linked to better mental function.

Especially during aging.

And more cortical thickness, Another advantage when it comes to brain structure since it’s linked to higher intelligence.

Not only can yoga enhance your brain function, but it can also change the structure of your brain significantly.

The combination of movement, breathing, and meditation is principally what we call yoga.

Studies showed substantial benefits after 10 weeks of practice, typically done one to two times per week.

So, drink some water and unroll your yoga mat to do your brain a big favor 🙂

Set your intention-

I am focused and productive.

Remember to keep in mind this intention throughout your practice.

You need one or two Yoga Blocks and yourself 😉

Yoga Poses To Boost Your Focus Concentration And Productivity

Let's start with the child's pose

Child's pose

Child's pose to increase your focus concentration and productivity

  • Sit on your Shin.
  •  Inhale and raise your hands.
  • Open your knees wide, exhale and come on your mat.
  • Let your forehead touch the ground or you can place a yoga block beneath.
  • Move your forehead left and right and massage the point between your eyebrows.
  •  Where is your third eye chakra.
  • Stay for five breaths.


Shashank aasan or rabbit pose to Boost Your focus and concentration

From the child's pose-

  •  Bring your forehead closer to the knees and hands parallel to each foot.
  •  Without straining your neck, try to bring the Crown of the head touching the ground to,
  • Energize your Crown Chakra.
  • Join back of your throat and
  • Continue with Ujjayi breath!
  • You will hear a snoring sound or an Ocean wave sound.
  • This breathwork enables concentration and focuses your brain.

Stay for 3 breaths in shashankasana.

Cobra pose

Cobra pose to rewire your neurones

  • From Shashankasana bring your elbows under the shoulder.
  •  Belly, pelvic floor, and legs touching the ground.
  • Your chest away from the ground
  •  Take five ujjayi breaths here.

Repeat your intention- I am focused and productive

Crocodile Pose


Crocodile pose for makarasana to Boost Your focus concentration and productivity

  • Take your both elbows in opposite directions and palms stacked over each other.
  •  Your forehead on the stacked palms.
  • Bring your attention to your palms touching the center of the eyebrows, your third eye chakra.
  • Six ujjayi breaths.

Downward Facing Dog Pose


Downward facing dog posture to focus your brain

  • Place both the Palms under the shoulders.
  •  Crawl your toes in and push the ground away to come in-
  •  Downward facing dog pose.
  • Make your sternum facing the ground and tailbone going up to the sky.
  • Keep your spinal columns straight and watch the blood and oxygen flow in your brain and head area.

The inverted postures like downward facing dog and forward fold bring a lot of blood in your head area and,

 Nourish the Brain to work on the highest power.

Forward Fold or uttanasana


Uttanasana , ardh-uttanasanaYoga zombie to focus your brain

  • Bend your knees and bring both the legs between the hands in forward fold or Uttanasana.
  • Relax your head and neck.
  • Grab the opposite elbows and hang down.
  • Release your hands.
  • And, like a zombie, stack your vertebra one upon the other to come in mountain pose.

Raised hand pose


  • Inhale and raise your hands and take a backbend-
  •  as much as you are comfortable.
  • Bend your arms and knees.
  • Exhale to forward fold.
  • Lift halfway, ardh-uttanasana, flap back.
  • Come to the forward fold once again.
  • Maintain the fluidity.
  • Go for 5 rounds.
  • Rise in mountain pose.

Vrikshasana Or Tree Pose


Tree pose or vrikshasan for concentration

  • Inhale and bring your both feet together.
  • Toes are touching each other.
  • Inhale and lift your right leg off the mat and put it inside the left inner thighs.
  • Fix a gaze point, just in front of your third eye.
  •  This will help you to maintain a balance and prevent falling.
  • Both hands in Anjali mudra in front of your heart centre.
  • Take 3 to 4 Ujjayi breaths here.

Tips For Tree Pose

  • You can place one of your legs somewhere above the ankles.
  • But take care not to place on the knee.
  • Balancing postures such as tree pose work to increase your focus and live a disciplined life.
Repeat the tree pose with your left leg raised to right thighs.

Knuckle Taps On The Scalp


Knuckle taps and head massage to Boost Your memory and concentration

Tapping on the scalp works by altering brainwave activities, relieving the stress and,

 Maximizing the brain capacity.

  • Fold the fingers on both the hands to the knuckle.
  • With the help of your knuckles,
  • Work on gently tapping your scalp from front to back.
  • Accompany your tapping with deep breathing.
  •  Keep your eyes closed.
  • Repeat for 10.

Bhramari Pranayam


Bhramari Pranayam to increase focus

  • Bhramari improves concentration power.
  • Improves speech discrimination, by going into alpha brain wave state.
  •  Also increases grasping power.
  •  If done on regular basis can improve, rejuvenate and transform the body-mind, and soul.

How To Do Bhramari Pranayam

  • Sit in sukhasana.
  • Softly Place both the index and middle fingers on both the eyes…
  • Ring fingers near the nostrils.
  • With the help of both thumbs, close your ears.
  • Preferably, by pressing the cartilage.
  • Take a deep inhale, hold the breath-in and...
  •  make a humming sound like a bee, 'Hmmmmmmm…' during the process of-  slow exhalation.
  • Once you exhale completely,
  • Take one full breath.
  •  Inhale from your nose and exhale from the mouth.
  • Repeat the process for the Bhramari Pranayam.
  • Continue for 10 to 15 breaths initially and, gradually, increase up to 25 reps.

Watch the video, 15 minutes yoga sequence to improve your focus concentration and productivity


Learn more on yoga for Focus, concentration,

Specific yoga sequence for students and,

Read my ebook 'Behind The Brain Beyond The Books', please click here-

Yoga To Enhance Student Concentration

Wrapping Up- Yoga Poses To Boost Concentration


In addition to the mounting evidence for the health benefits of yoga, its effects on cognition have become a particularly important area of inquiry in recent years.

Systematic review and meta-analysis examined the acute (short term, single bout) and intervention effects of yoga on cognitive function.

I hope you like the yoga poses to boost focus, concentration...and the video, yoga sequence for focus and…

Be devoted to complete the sequence.

Until this becomes a habit. Download this video from YouTube and practice for 15 days each day in the morning and let me know.

Please leave the comment- I am focused and productive in the comment section and if you are new to my channel please do subscribe and support free yoga classes.

Thanks, yogis, namaste 🙏

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  • Gunel Ibadova

    As a yoga lover this post was helpful for me. Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks, for your kind words Gunel 💓

  • Kimberlie

    I absolutely love this as I’m an aspiring yogi. Could you do one on yoga poses for stress relief soon?

    • Hi Kimberlie, glad to know that posters beneficial for your health.
      Please elaborate your requirement for one on one.

  • This morning I had an online yoga class & we did a lot of these poses & I did feel more energized & focused, I’ll definitely refer to your post if I do yoga on my own!

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