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Rashmi Agrawal

When very thought of writing the crown chakra yoga sequence came to my mind, I thought…do I know enough about this chakra… just a thought of dealing with something as metaphysical as Sahasrara made me thoughtless. And why not, I constantly thought about the other six body chakras such as Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra……..Third Eye Chakra, all which I previously covered sooo thoughtfully and effortlessly. Ya, since they all have a place in our physical body and belong to some internal organs and elements. Uff….


Crown Chakra  Yoga Sequence – Your Take Away

Welcome to the Chakra Series yogis 😇 Thanks for trusting me and YOGARSUTRA and coming back again.

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Butt first…

Crown Chakra a.k.a. Sahasrara…I can’t stop thinking about which, is beyond our physical bodies. Beyond the physical bodies…? Celestial…?? extra terrestrial…Universal…???? Metaphysical…@*#yes..Yes…YEs…YES…I am getting it now. Thoughtsthoughts... only my thoughts can help me achieve something extraordinary. Because our thoughts are faster… the fastest than anything known to humans. I hope I am not sounding wordy and “having limited belief”.

An apple or any other fruit once detached from its branch, always comes down. When we fall… we fall down instead of floating around in the air, obviously…! We (past we) never gave a thought to this ordinary phenomenon. Then comes Einstein… thinking about a damn falling apple, then rethinking about every other objects falling down on the earth. And then he found it to be the mighty gravitational force of the earth pulling everything towards its centre!!

The Power Of Your Thoughts

 How mighty  one’s thoughts could be!  I mean a thought can bring numerous concepts, theories, laws, formulas and what not on your table if you’re a science student 🙄 and thoughts are from the great Einstein!


Thoughts are above all and our today’s “Chakra in honour” is above all other body chakras and even above the crown of our head with the principle element of THOUGHTS.

Alright. I hope I didn’t suck you (did I?) while putting my thoughts on “thoughts”. 


And once you finish reading  this “Wikipediaic” post on Balancing and healing your crown chakra, you will be able to manage your thoughts system excellently. Because It is very important to be aware of your thought process. … Many of our regrettable actions are the outcomes of our faulty thinking. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. When you improve your thinking, you improve your life also.


Must Know Crown Chakra Basics 

Crown Chakra Yoga Sequence. Basics of crown chakra. #sahasrara_yoga

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara, means “flower with thousand petals”

Element: Thoughts

Color: Violet or white

Shape: Round, scullcap

Bija Mantra: Om

Vowel sound: Ngngng

Rights: To know and to learn

Endocrine gland: Pineal gland

Physical association: Central nervous system, cerebral cortex

Psychological function: Awareness, understanding, thoughtfulness

Identity: Universal 

Developmental stage: Lifelong

Challenge: Attachment, belonging

Plane: Truth, reality

Color Of Sahasrara Energy Center


Most of the times Sahasrara or Brahmrandhra ( the door to Brahma) is depicted as violet. But the Sahasrāra possesses no special colour or quality. Its light contains all colour vibrations united in the incomparable brilliance of pure light. The energy of all Nādīs flows together here, just as the water of a thousand rivers comes together in the sea.

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Crystal Gems For Sahasrara Healing


Amethyst is a well-known and loved crystal all over the world. With its beautiful violet color that resonates deeply with the 7th chakra, amethyst is prized for being a highly spiritual stone. 

Button- How To buy yoga blocks


Button- How To buy yoga blocks



Another beautiful violet-colored crystal, Lepidolite features gentle vibration that resonate deeply with the crown chakra. This stone does not directly open or activate your crown chakra but works via your subconscious. Thus, it is a wonderful stone that helps you in staying calm in challenging situations, dealing with transitions


Most Used Essential Oils For Crown Chakra Balancing


Frankincense  Essential Oil


Best known for its balancing and healing properties which helps greatly in the balancing of hormones in the body as well as oxygenating the glands such as pituitary and pineal glands, which are believed to be governed by the crown chakra. This oil  helps feelings of connection,  acceptance and love.


Food For Sahasrara Healing


 What could be the best food for thoughts? Well ideally none. This doesn’t mean you can’t feed your seventh Chakra.  Intellect can shape up thoughts, and vice-versa is also true.

 But as the thoughts originate in our brains  out of nuro-connections, the food nourishing our brain can be considered as pro-Sahasrara food. Hence if you are working towards balancing the crown chakra, consider adding turmeric, almonds, olives, Flaxseeds, eggs, and other healthy fats and spices in your diet, because brain is made up of 80% fat.

Otherwise,  you also know that reading is the best food for thoughts. Never skip reading and reading of good books especially biographies and self help books can take your thought process to the next level.


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Further, If we talk about the most effective ‘yogic way’ to nurture your crown chakra, meditation is considered the best. Which you will see later, so keep reading please because  there’s a crown chakra specific guided meditation along with the crown chakra yoga sequence Pdf 😊

How A Blocked Crown Chakra May Manifest


 Physiologically, a blocked Sahasrara manifests through headaches, migraines, weak memory, nervous system imbalances, poor coordination, fatigue, low vision and sore throat or ear tingling. … On the other hand, the emotional aspect of one’s life is also profoundly affected by a flawed crown chakra.

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How Does It Feel To Have Healthy Crown Chakra


The crown chakra, aka sahasrara, the thousand-petaled lotus is where the masculine and feminine forces, Shiva and Shakti, get unified and bless  with tremendous clarity and awakening.


Sahasrara  acts as  medium to unify our physical energies with the Universal consciousness. This transcendence is to prove the completeness of our being, from physical being to subtle expression. You feel more spiritual, connected and blessed. Which can  further manifest into being intutive, focused and content.

With very little but consistent efforts in your crown chakra, you can experience following positive changes in yourself-


Insightful – can see the beauty of all things

Spiritually connected –  able to connect with your true inner being

Open mindedness – You feel serenity, joy and at peace 

Connected with others – You are able to embrace effortlessly with everyone and everything around you

Sahasrara Bija Mantra

Om is the seed mantra for opening the crown chakra. This is also the universal sound of vibrations and the most effective mantra in Indian mythology.

Crown Chakra Hast Mudra

Crown Chakra is simulated by Lotus Mudra and Hakini Mudra. In both the cases fingers of both the hands are crafted in a way that the respective fingers touch and exert some pressure on each other.


Crown Chakra Yoga Sequence-A Step By Step Process

As the crown chakra masters all the lower six chakras, they all get a pull from this seventh and highest one. Resulting in a system which works in a completely wonderful coordination. And for this coordination, all Chakras are needed to be balanced and perfectly synced. This means in order to work with crown chakra, you require some work with other chakras also. 

For this very reason,I want you to pause and look back and check  all other chakras too. It may take a while because one by one I will lead you to other six chakras and gain some insights there. The nature, elements, colour, yoga, and more from each chakra will help you to lead the Sahasrara with better understanding. You can skip this altogether if you have downloaded my ebook “Balance Your Chakra Balance Your Life” because it  will do the job of revising all the chakras.


You can again skip this long yet well approved path and jump to the yoga postures, wonderful guided meditation and most effective Mantras to balance your crown chakra.


Revise Your Lower Six Chakras One by One

>>You can read the posts on yogarsutra or watch the videos on YouTube.


Root chakra yoga sequence video


Sacral Chakra yoga sequence video


Solar plexus yoga sequence video


Video- Heart Chakra yoga sequence


Throat Chakra yoga sequence video


Third Eye Chakra yoga sequence video

Crown Chakra- Sahasrara

Crown Chakra yoga sequence YouTube thumbnail


7 Yoga Poses To Unblock Your Crown Chakra

Crown chakra yoga sequence #sahasrara_yoga #yoga_crownchakra

In this crown chakra yoga sequence, I have included  the most effective yoga postures to heal and Balance the Sahasrara energy center.

Since we need a solid foundation from root to crown chakra, the crown chakra yoga sequence will comprise Asana related to each chakra.


PS- Download the each Asana tutorial by clicking on the name of the each yogasana.


Child’s  Pose (Muladhara Yogasana)

Child's pose with yoga blocks

Butterfly Pose (Swadisthana Yogasana)

Plank Pose (Manipura Yogasana)

Plank on yoga block

Anahatasana ( Anahata Yogasana)

Anahata Pose aka Puppy Yoga Pose for Throat Chakra, fertility yoga, third eye Chakra

Eagle Pose ( Vishuddha Yogasana)

Eagle Pose, yoga poses for fibromyalgia, fertility and sexual health, # third eye Chakra

Tree Pose ( Ajna Yogasana)
Yoga for Student Concentration
Sarvangasana ( Sahasrara Yogasana)

Crown chakra yoga sequence #sahasrara_yogaSarvangasana@freepik


Download here crown chakra yoga sequence Pdf 😊

Click to watch video “Crown Chakra Yoga Sequence”

Guided Meditation


  • Sit in sukhasana or lotus pose.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a glowing violet light at your crown (the top of your head).  From this light, let a sprout emerge and  grow upward into a stalk. 
  • A little bud appears at the end of this stalk which slowly grows into a larger, bulging bud.
  • When you inhale this bud is  blooming and opening into a thousand-petaled lotus, the symbol of the chakra.
  • When you exhale, the flower is turning into the bud. Hence through your breathing, you can open and close the flower. More you do, better you feel.

Kapalbhati Kriya -To Open Crown Chakra

Seated meditation-Yoga pose for pregnant moms to ease morning sickness #Kapalbhati_kriya

The word kapalbhati is made up of two words, kapal meaning skull (  skull and all the organs under the skull  ) and bhati means shining, illuminating. Due to the process, the organs under the skull mainly the brain and the small brain are influenced in a good manner. 

The opening of crown chakra is closely associated with the Kundalini awaking.

Since the Kundalini Power is a dormant power residing near the Muladhara Chakra, the pushes actions in the Kapalbhati awaken this power. That means the centre of effector nerve fibres over there is affected and this divine power starts climbing up the Sushumna Nadi through the left and right channels, crossing the each chakra. This process of Kapalbhati helps awakening of kundalini power hence brightening up the Sahasrara.

How To Do Kapalbhati

Sit in Lotus Mudra.

Take three deep breaths.

Now exhale actively with forced contraction, by the action of pulling the stomach in.

Inhale passively.

It is process limited to Pooraka i.e. inhalation wherein Rechaka i.e. exhalation performed in a typical manner. 

Kumbhaka i.e. breath retention is not included here. Also, more importance is given to the Rechaka than Pooraka. 

Rechaka performed in a particular manner is the main process of Kapalbhati. Pooraka is just complementary.

Do in the sets of 21. Then pause after each set and perform 5 sets of normal breathing.

Without straining yourself, go for three such sets initially and gradually try to increase the number of sets.

But don’t exceed more than 5 sets.

Note: Rechaka is more important in the process. While performing Rechaka, it is to be performed by way of contraction of stomach muscles. The diaphragm and the muscles of the abdomen are to be moved violently and the air should be exhaled with the help of that movement. Hence, the rechaka is not prolonged and more air also is not exhaled. 


People suffering from high BP, hernia, spinal injury, vertigo, stomach infection, recovering from a surgery, and pregnant women should not perform Kapalbharti.


Prayers/Affirmations To Balance Your Crown Chakra

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Crown chakra Affirmations

Aham Brahmasmi:

“I am divine”

This mantra affirms that the true nature of your self is the wholeness of the universe. Your Being resonates as the truth of cosmic existence. It reflects the ultimate goal of yoga – union with the higher self since yoga itself means Yuj “union”.


Om Shara Vana Ya:

My awareness is aligned with the power of the universe

This mantra attunes to your intentions with the intentions of the cosmos. This is my life, and “this” “is” “life”. I don’t need to fight this. I let life carry me instead. Right here and now, my whole life is expansive.


Wrapping up- Crown Chakra Yoga Sequence

When we realize that everything is interconnected and that we are part of the larger universe, we begin to live with gratitude, faith and trust, giving the domains of greed, fear, guilts and anxiety a back-push.

Just keep in mind that Sahasrara, the crown chakra, represents a kind of rising out of our embodied existence until that physical energy joins with universal consciousness.  However, this opportunity to transcendence is not intended to erode the physical form, but to include the entirety of our being in our awareness, from the gross to the most subtle expression.

Thanks for reading till here. For more insights on the yogic experiences please join my Facebook group and follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.

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