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Welcome back to the Chakra Series yogis. This series, like the previous ones is all inclusive. That said, though the focus is majorly on  the Third Eye Chakra Yoga Sequence, you have much more on the menu. Because when the moto is unblocking your brow chakra, you have many other saucers on the table to flip along with the Third Eye Chakra Yoga Postures. So this post may give you a feel of Wikipedia. Just relax…grab some Ayurvedic Concoction and read, you will love it ❤️ And yes, you will also get a Video Class with me and Third Eye Chakra pdf download… please keep going:)


Third eye Chakra Yoga sequence#ajnachakra #thirdeyechakrayoga


Butt…Read this first…


“Who are you…?”, became the toughest question to answer when it came from my own mother. I had just arrived with my husband and kids. Hubby dear drove 250 km when I insisted on ‘leaving immediately” for my parents house, a first thing in the morning after waking up. He stared at me with a bit of guilt because mom was ill since last two months and he was kind of not sure if this was the time to get ‘proactive’ and render a support to my family.

Years after years a visit to my parents house looked like- “eagerly waiting and welcoming papa and mummy at main gate of the house”. But this was the first instance when we entered house just finding my semi-conscious mother on the bed unable to recognise four of us. She was immediately hospitalised and treated.  Doctor told me that her BP shooted upto a point of getting brain haemorrhage! And she needed an immediate medical intervention,  what my father and brother couldn’t figure out…She recovered pretty fast and first thing she asked me was “how you came to know that I was so serious?” 

I thank God each day since then to trust my intuition and act fast. 

Can you sense your sixth sense? Is your third eye open? Do you trust your intuition? Ever believed in your gut feelings? 


Your intuition or your intuitions are unexplained feelings you have that something is true even when you have no evidence or proof of it. 


Why should we trust our Intuitions – Science Of Intuition

Back to mom’s question- “How you came to know that I am serious!!??”

“Mummy, since my childhood, I have your image deep inside me. Your ways to talk, walk, instruct, care…and numerous patterns are encoded deep inside my brain. My brain has power (read neurons) to understand any change in your behaviour, even a little exchange of words with you can tell me about how well or unwell you are.”

Our intuition has been developing and expanding for as long as we’re born. Every interaction, happy or sad, is cataloged in the memory. Intuition draws from that deep memory well to inform our decisions going forward.

In other words, intuitive decisions are based on data, in a way. When we subconsciously connect with patterns, the body starts firing neurochemicals in both the brain and gut. These “somatic markers” are what give us that instant sense that something is right … or that it’s off. Not only are these automatic processes faster than rational thought, but your intuition draws from decades of diverse qualitative experience (sights, sounds, interactions, etc.) – a wholly human feature that big data alone could never accomplish. It’s also faster than rational thought, which means intuition is a necessary skill that can help decision-making when time is short and traditional analytics may not be available.

This is why Intuition is now considered simply another kind of data—one that’s no less valuable than traditional analytics.


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Well…Back To The Third Eye Chakra…

Third Eye Chakra yoga Sequence, yoga for Ajna Chakra

What Does An Out of Balance Third Eye Chakra Look Like?

An out-of-balance sixth chakra can lead to a foggy, tired, and indecisive state of being.  You might often feel disoriented and disconnected.  In case of excess energy here, it’s likely that your mind is constantly in overdrive.

If you lack energy here your tendencies may be procrastination, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and fearfulness. It’s probably difficult for you to find focus regarding your life path. Other issues include insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Generally speaking, a blocked third eye leads to a sense of being spiritually lost and not having a clear vision of your direction in life.

Third eye Chakra Yoga sequence#ajnachakra #thirdeyechakrayoga #ajnamudra

When The Third Eye Chakra Is In Balance…


With an open and balanced third eye chakra, you have a clear internal vision, deep imagination, and are easily able to grasp the big picture in any given situation. You feel well-grounded in your decision making, have strong communication skills, trust your dreams, and you’re naturally inclined toward calmness, honesty, and compassion for all. That said, your intellect is well synced with your intuition – a simple definition of what wisdom is.

Ok, now about those un-flipped saucers on the table-


Chakras in Our Body

There are 7 Chakras in our bodies positioned along with the spinal cord.

 Third Eye Chakra is the sixth one, Root Chakra is the first and Crown Chakra being the last in the family.

Sanskrit name

Ajna – perceive, command or beyond wisdom.

The Ajna chakra is located between the eyes. This is one of the three spiritual chakras, resides in between the throat chakra and the crown chakra.

It is the chakra of intuition, insight, self-realization, inspiration and imagination. The energy of the ajna chakra allows us to not only see but to understand the inner and outer worlds. When stimulated, both hemispheres of the brain work in sync to help us transcend dualistic thinking. 

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Appearance of The Ajna Chakra

Ida, Pingla, and Sushumna Nadi Meetings At Ajna Chakra #Third Eye Chakra Healing Yoga, mantra, meditation and mudra

Ajna is described as a transparent lotus flower with two white petals, said to represent the nadis (psychic channels) Ida and Pingala, which meet the central Sushumna nadi before rising to the crown chakra, Sahasrara. The letter “ham” (हं) is written in white on the left petal and represents Shiva, while the letter “ksham” (क्षं) is written in white on the right petal and represents Shakti.

The Sanskrit word nadi derives from the root nad, which means “flow,” “motion,” or “vibration.” The word itself suggests the fundamental nature of a nadi: to flow like water, finding the path of least resistance and nourishing everything in its path. The nadis are our energetic irrigation system; in essence, they keep us alive.


 Color and Element

The ajna chakra is associated with the element of light, the color indigo, and the energy of Hakini Shakti- another form of Shakti.

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Spiritual Nature Of Ajna Chakra


Hakini Shakti is both the name of the female Hindu deity Maa Parvati who personifies the energy of the ajna (third-eye) chakra and the name of the energy itself. Hakini Shakti is one form of Shakti, the divine feminine and consort of Lord Shiva who represents the creative energy and power of the universe. Shakti is the main focus of worship in the branch of Hinduism known as Shaktism.

As the goddess, Hakini Shakti is depicted with pale pink skin, four arms and six heads and sitting on a lotus flower. Three of her hands hold Shiva’s drum, a skull and a mala (prayer beads). Her fourth hand is raised in a gesture of dispelling fear.

Activating and balancing the hakini shakti energy of the ajna chakra is associated with imagination, clairvoyance, intuition and inner knowing. This chakra guides the yogi toward self-realization and spiritual understanding.

Mantra chanting To Stimulate The Third Eye Chakra


The bija Mantra to activate the third eye Chakra is AUM, which is some how different than the crown chakra bija mantra OM.

According to TOI, Om is basically a monosyllabic word, as compared to Aum, which is tri-syllabic. This is because of the difference in the way the two words are pronounced. Om is simply pronounced the way it is written. Against this, Aum is pronounced as aa-uu-eemm.

A common mantra that calls on the goddess energy includes the repetition of her name as in Om Hakini namaha.


Mudra- Kaleshwar Mudra

Kaleshwar Hast Mudra- Ajna Chakra Healing Mudra

Mudra are hand gestures specific to a particular Chakra. Kaleshwar mudra is related to our third Eye Chakra. 

With your middle fingers straight, press the finger tips from the both hands together.  Bring the tips of the thumbs together too.  Now, bend all of the other fingers so that they can touch at the second knuckle.


Third Eye Chakra Crystals 


Best stones for the third eye Chakra is the one which have the same vibrational frequency as the third eye, that means using certain colors because each color is closely associated with a range of frequencies. Good examples of Gems that can stimulate Ajna chakra include purple fluorite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, amethyst, and quartz crystal.

  Lapis lazuli triangular shape earrings, Check on Amazon>


 the Ajna Chakra Essential oils


You can try with the essential oils like frankincense, marjoram, clary sage, juniper, vetiver, rosemary, and sandalwood. Dab some on your skin or use an infuser to charge your home or work space. These all help to cleanse and balance the third eye energy center.


Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil, check on Amazon>


Food To Activate Your Third Eye Chakra

Again you need to trust the color psychology.

Naturally dark blue or purple foods will have a positive effect on the third eye. So including more plums, eggplant, cabbage, kale, blueberries, jambule, mulberry, and purple peppers. Foods naturally rich in Omega-3’s (brain food) are also good.


Emphasize and work to balance your entire chakra system 

Particularly the root chakra because this is the densest and works as a foundation to all Chakras stacked above. An overall balanced system makes it much easier to open a specific  chakra that is particularly blocked.

Discover a hobby  or an art form that you enjoy, and persue it wholeheartedly. Creating art stimulates both the third eye and crown chakras.


30 Minutes Third Eye Chakra Yoga Sequence


With all said and done, a subtle yoga practice can help balance your entire Chakra System more authentically than anything else. But today’s focus is on the yoga poses that stimulate the third eye- including all forward bends, child’s pose, shoulder stand and savasana.

But first thing first…”Sankalp Liya Kya?”- Affirmations For Third Eye Chakra

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Third eye Chakra

Did You Set Your Intention? Today you are on your Yoga mat with me, why… with what Intention…

Now set your intention for this practice. Shuffle your thought process and think about your visions, dream or intuition.

Unlocking intuition; improving correct perception; feeling that you are omni-connected, inviting third eye wisdom to light your way. Feel free to use any of these or choose your own. As long as your intention feels true for you it has value.


  • I dream
  • I have visions
  • I trust my intuition

PS– Most of the yoga poses names are clickable links. You can download the complete pdf tutorial for that yoga postures. Description may slightly be different from the pictures shown.

Tratak Kriya

Tratak Kriya to balance third Eye Chakra

This practice connects you with the energy of the Third Eye Chakra by stimulating your two eyes and encouraging a deep state of focus using the image of a dancing flame.

  • Sit comfortably. Place a candle before you at a distance where you can gaze at the flame with an upright head and neck. Gaze intensely at the bottom of the flame until your eyes water a bit and then let your eyelids almost close.
  • Finally, close your eyelids completely and focus on the afterglow that remains. It will often look like a small purple or red dot that dances across the darkness of your closed eyelids.
  • Try to maintain this practice for two to three minutes.

 You can also do the eye focussing Kriya “watch the video”

Balasana Yoga Mudra

The child pose For Back pain yoga cure series #Third eye Chakra, balasana
Child Pose


Makarasana aka Crocodile Pose

#Makarasana #Crocodile Pose

Dolphin Plank Pose ( Hands in Anjali Mudra, thumbs touching third eyes)

yoga poses to unblock your solar plexus chakra #plank pose # Third eye Chakra

Dolphin Pose aka Anahatasana

Anahata Pose aka Puppy Yoga Pose for Throat Chakra, fertility yoga, third eye Chakra


Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose, yoga poses for fibromyalgia, fertility and sexual health, # third eye Chakra


Warrior III Yoga Pose

Virbhadrasana III #Warrior III

Chair Pose

Utkatasana or chair pose

  • To be in Chair Pose, start from the standing position.
  • With an inhale, raise both the hands up above your head, palm facing each other.
  • Exhale and bend from the both the knees and imagine sitting on a chair.
  • Keep lower abs squeezed and tail bone relaxed.
  • Stay there for 4 to 5 breaths.

Tree Pose

Yoga for Student Concentration


Prasarita Padottanasa

Prasarita Padottanasa aka wide legged forward fold

  • Turning upside down can change many life perspectives.
  •  This effective inverted posture brings your head below your heart and provides a powerful inverted posture and shifts your circulation and perception both for the better.
  • walk your feet apart from each other as far as you comfortably can. Inhale and either hold a belt or towel behind your back or interlace your fingers behind you. With an elongated spine, exhale and hinge forward from your hips.
  •  Use one or two yoga blocks to rest your forehead.
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Stay here for one to two minutes. Come out of the pose by bending your knees and extending your spine long to rise up to standing with an elongated back.

Watch The Video “Yoga Sequence For Third Eye Chakra”


Click here to download the Third Eye Chakra Yoga Sequence pdf

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)


  • This powerful breathing technique brings balance to the right and left hemispheres of your brain by harmonizing the energy flowing toward the “rational” left brain and the “intuitive” right brain.
  • Sit in sukhasana. take a few natural breaths. When you are ready to proceed, with your right hand, rest your index finger and middle finger on your forehead at your Ajna Chakra.
  • Let your thumb rest on your right nostril,  put your ring finger and little finger on your left nostril. Lightly press and block your right nostril with your thumb and inhale through your left nostril.
  • Next, block your left nostril and release your thumb to exhale through your right nostril. Alternate this pattern of breathing from left to right and then right to left 10 to 15 times.

Mindful Meditation And Bija Mantra To Balance Your Brow Chakra

  • Sit in sukhasana.
  • Visualize the color indigo between your eyes during meditation and chant Aum…Aum…
  • Use guided meditation specifically aimed at opening your third eye. 
  • Rub Your Hands, cup your eyes.

Wrapping up- Third Eye Chakra Yoga Sequence


Thanks for reading Specially this line😊❣️ Don’t get overwhelmed with the information. You don’t have to follow them all. Just remember a few points-


  • Through yoga, meditation and mantra chanting, you can focus on directing life force energy from the muladhara (root) chakra upward along the spine to the ajna chakra. 
  • At this point, the ida nadi (feminine energy channel) and the pingala nadi (masculine energy channel) meet the central energy channel known as sushumna. The feminine energy of Shakti and the masculine energy of Shiva merge at ajna chakra, ending duality.
  • Detoxify your pineal gland by eliminating chemicals like fluoride, alcohol, pesticides from your life.
  •  Ensure you’re drinking plenty of pure water… And eating an abundance of dark leafy greens like spinach, chard, spirulina, and kale.
  • Consider both acupuncture and acupressure as additions to your physical health regimens.

To work towards the Third Eye Chakra Healing you may want to live a life more closely connected to the Divine and spiritual light, and of course opening spiritual powers and psychic abilities. But remember that cleansing the Ajna Chakra is not meant for only spiritual opening. We all  dream in our physical lives and imagine  living our ideal self. No doubt, a perfect first step on this path is to get in ease with the function and workings of your third eye chakra.




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