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A wooden or plastic wheel the size of a dish padded with yoga-mat material or foam. This is the how a YOGA WHEEL may make debut with you as a yogi. Flowing into your favorite yoga poses with yoga wheel makes sense once you realize how it can support you when you unwrap your yoga mat.

An amazing tool for warming up, supporting your yoga poses with YOGA WHEEL enables you moving safely into backbends, inversions, stretching, releasing tension and other important poses. Plus, it is plenty of fun to use!

Our dearest visual search engine cum social media hub- PINTEREST, has flaunted this wheel as the hottest prop of 2020. Same is now rolling to become a darling @2021.

Yoga poses with yoga wheel: yoga wheel for beginners, full body tutorial for extra support and flexibility.

Disclosure: While exploring about Yoga wheel, you may wish to own one. I have provided some links( affiliates) to help you to buy one. This will also earn me a small commission, without costing you any extra spending. So go ahead. Plus, there is a product review for one of the most popular and my favorite yoga wheel.

Benefits of Assimilating Yoga Poses with Yoga Wheel

Watch below Yoga Wheel For Beginners, full body yoga flow to feel supported and increase flexibility:


Remember your first day at the swimming pool! How much reliable that floating tube or jacket appears? Same lifesavers are YOGA PROPS for yoga. And a Yoga Wheel is fun of all because of its design and versatility.

Yoga Wheel Can Encounter Your Forward Curvature


As of June 2018, 55.1% of the world's population has internet access. In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world's population, would be online by the end of the year.

So what!

Does that mean you (and me) are not alone hitting our keyboard minimum 5-6 hrs a day!!

If this is the case, we all need to carry a YOGA WHEEL along with our laptop. A yoga wheel is an amazing prop to counter your forward curvature.

Just imagine, you lying on a padded circular object of 12-inch diameter. Your head in alignment with the circumference and legs just opposite, on the other side. Hands hanging side by side.

Now try pushing the whole system with the heels; to and fro. What a massage! Your back is blessing you! This can happen even if you are a YOGA NOVICE.

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It Can Break Your Stress Out

Anyone can get STRESSED. This bad guy creeps in our lives inevitably! YOGA and MEDITATION play an important role in STRESS MANAGEMENT.

Why not swap all the tension with the Yoga wheel.

A Harvard University study even concluded that certain yoga practices can reduce the impact of exaggerated stress responses and may be helpful in combating both anxiety and depression, and anything that helps us sleep easy gets our vote.

Splits and hips openers are the best yoga poses to encounter stress and kick it out from where it gets accumulated- the lower back and hips area.

7 yoga poses you can do with yoga wheel: Yoga wheel is a fun to use prop. Learn here how to support your #yogaposes with #yogawheel. +Product Review

It Can Strengthen Your Core

We expect our core to do everything. What qualities are needed to make it work?

Flexibility, flexibility, and flexibility!

That said, a FLEXIBLE SPINE can enable your all-around movements.

'Unsupported, some people can feel off balance or unstable, but the yoga wheel can act as an excellent support system'.

'Having the yoga wheel behind your back will help you feel much more confident to do more with your back, and so  you will feel much stronger as a result.'

Best Prop to Flex Your body

According to experts, incorporating a yoga wheel into your yoga routine will give you the confidence to stretch deeper. By assisting you to move and flex your body in a better way!

Use the yoga wheel as your confidential stretching prop to improve your flexibility fast. Perform the key yoga poses that allow you to open up to longer and deeper stretches.

A Serene Pain-Killer



When you're in pain, the last thing you want to do is stepping into a YOGA MAT. The paracetamol seems much relieving. But once you possess this circular object, trying your hands with GENTLE YOGA POSE will help you to alleviate those discomfort.

Yoga poses with a yoga wheel can help diminish aches and pains at the front of the body including the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and hips.

It's also wonderful for easing BACK PAIN and works excellently to massage the length of your spine.


7 Yoga Poses Aced With Yoga Wheel

7 yoga poses you can do with yoga wheel: Yoga wheel is a fun to use prop. Learn here how to support your #yogaposes with #yogawheel

When I first bought my ring, I least bothered referring to any tutorial. There always used to be a pillow or a block which helped me acing my backbends or reversals. Using those cushiony objects always helped in excelling me those Restorative Yoga Poses and avoiding any kind of injury.

A yoga wheel is not different than any other yoga prop. Besides, because of its ring-shaped body, it is excellent to get a grip of. And being a wheel carries an extra advantage of movable support!

Hence be sporty in its usage. Once you own it, you love it because of its intuitiveness.

Just have a glimpse of these 7 poses and find your own version.

1. Plank Pose On Wheel

We all love planking. By grueling our core against the gravity, we utilize our body weight to tone those abs. But here arms may pay hindrance by giving you a slanted posture because of their length. Here yoga wheel can help you to be "plank-perfect"!

  • Slip the ring and adjust your ankles ( see pic.), while in plank pose( learn how to do plank pose and its advantages).
  • Keep the belly button tucked in.
  • Feel the traction in the tummy.
  • Keep inhaling and exhaling.
  • Hold in the pose for 30 seconds.
  • Try to increase your time by 15 seconds up to 1.5 minutes.
Yoga Poses with Yoga Wheel: Plank on wheel
2. Balancing With Wheel

Balancing yoga poses, with their multiple benefits, are worth mentioning here.

When we balance, we align our body's center of gravity with the earth's gravitational field. That said, we hold ourselves in physical equilibrium with a fundamental force of nature.

These poses empower our muscles and develop mind-body coordination. You can feel more focussed and calm, once after doing the balancing poses.

Tree Pose (Tree pose and focus) and half-moon poses are the best known among all the balancing poses. You get an improved standing and walking along with the other day to day activities.

Balancing is a yogic-boon, especially for our elderly people, who witness more falls and succumbing to, than anyone else!

  • Start from Mountain Pose.
  • Bend forward and find stability in Downward facing dog pose.
  • Raise left leg while inhaling.
  • Grab the wheel and try reaching the raised leg.
  • Garland your ankle with the wheel (refer pic).
  • Find your balance by shifting body weight on the right leg.
  • Spread toes and fingers which are in contact with the ground.
  • Switch the legs.

Yoga Poses with Yoga Wheel: Triangle on wheel

3. Massage Your Back On Wheel

Research shows that massage therapy has several potential health benefits for back pain sufferers. Proper massaging can enable you in:

Increasing blood circulation- Hence providing appropriate nutrition to muscles and tissues. This can help reducing muscle soreness from physical activity or muscle straining.

Soothing muscular stiffness- Hence gaining better flexibility, reducing pain triggered by tight muscles and even help to sleep better!

Shooting your endorphins high- Yes guys! When your brain releases an etiquette amount of feel good, a mood booster dose of endorphins, "stress and anxiety" takes back seat!

Plus this helps reduce pain and faster recovery from pain, especially from a chronic back pain.

Yoga Poses with Yoga Wheel: Back Bend on wheel

4. Brave Your Warrior With Wheel

Benefits of Warrior Pose are many.  All variations of Warrior (I, II, III) help to strengthen your shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, and back by stretching them along with neck, belly, groins.

On the physical side, virabhadrasana opens your hips, chest, and lungs. Whereas psychologically Improving focus, balance, and stability. Further, they can complement you with good circulation and respiration.

This is what you as a warrior need i.e. "Energizing the entire body".

  • Begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana), standing with your feet hip-distance apart and your arms at your sides. ...
  • Exhale as you step your feet wide apart, about 3 to 4 feet.
  • Turn your right foot out 90 degrees, so your toes are pointing to the top of the mat.
  • Pivot your left foot inwards at a 45-degree angle.
  • Align your left heel with the right heel.
  • Raise your arms perpendicular to the floor (and parallel to each other), and reach actively through the little-finger sides of the hands toward the ceiling.
  • Firm your collar bones against your back and draw them down toward the coccyx (tail bone).
  • Maneuver the wheel so that it can support the other leg (see pic).

This is how you can pose a warrior. Mastering this pose is not that easy as it appears to be, but with sustained practice, you can hone it.

Yoga Poses with Yoga Wheel: Warrior on wheel

5. Split It Up On Wheel

Perfecting the splits may seem like a dream come true. It’s a fun-filled challenge if you believe in consistency and sincerity. There are plenty of benefits to practicing this pose or working your way towards this pose on a regular basis.

Hanuman asana is one such great and challenging yoga split, where your legs are 180 degrees apart. But don’t you worry and never start splitting your body in a hurry (as in my case).

Hanuman asana, a.k.a. Monkey Pose (named after monkey lord Hanuman) is quite possibly one of the most daunting postures in the yoga flow. This asana requires lots of opening, accurate understanding of body alignment, and a great deal of patience. Not mentioning, some serious opening in hips, glutes, the hamstrings, and the quadriceps.

  •  Place the wheel under the ankle of the front leg (the back leg stretched as in a split).
  • Slowly shift your weight back over the pelvis.
  • Adjust the wheel accordingly to get into a deeper stretch.

Yoga Poses with Yoga Wheel: Split on wheel

6. Backbend on Wheel

Backbends are commonly known as heart-openers, and there are obvious reasons! The opening of your chest stimulates the nervous system, physically and emotionally opening up your heart to the world.

You feel more open to positive emotions with an added ability to deal with negative emotions. Backbends are also like a bold statement against any feeling of exposure you might be undergoing.

The science behind backbends elaborates the fact that stretching open of your chest stimulates the nervous system, stimulating and awakening you up.

And onto the spiritual side, in this position, we are stimulating our heart chakra!

  • Place the yoga wheel in the center of your back and slide over it.
  • Bring your arms out to the side and then let your head hang back.
  • For the stability, grip the wheel with fingers and feet (pic).
  • This is a great way of relaxing after the day-long hunching on the office desk!

Yoga Poses with yoga wheel- Back bend on wheel

7. Side Bend Lying on The Wheel

Side bends bring balance to your entire body. They lengthen the abdominal muscles, hips, and thigh muscles while improving flexibility in the spine. Additionally, side bends stretch the digestive organs.

No doubt why Side bends are an important addition to any abdominal routine if you want to tighten up your waistline and strengthen your core.

  • Simply kneel beside your wheel, drape your one side over (see pic.) it and feel the space crafted in the middle body.
  • Keep breathing while relaxing.
  • Flip the side.

Yoga poses with yoga wheel- Side bend on wheel

Review- One of the best wheel for you; UpCircleSeven yoga wheel

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How to Choose a Yoga Wheel

Not sure which yoga wheel size to choose?

Let us help you choose - The 12” inch wheel is the size that fits best for the standard size adult.

Yoga Roller vs. Foam Roller

Still having difficulty deciding? If you're looking for a deep muscle massaging stretch for maximum pain relief, it's a no brainer. Foam rollers are often too wide making it ineffective for massaging between shoulders, only the yoga wheel is effective at providing upper & lower back pain relief.

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Product Specifications:
  • Weight Limit: 550 lbs
  • Size: 12 inch x 5 inch
  • Padding: 8mm thick
  • Frame: Inflexible Body
UpCircleSeven 30 Day Challenge

This shows how much they are confident about their product!

"If you aren't satisfied, neither are we. Take our 30-day challenge to try it and if you're not happy, we'll happily refund your money".

Wrapping up- Yoga poses with yoga wheel

As the world acknowledges the amazing benefits of yoga for the physical and mental body. By incorporating a yoga wheel into your practice, you can take these benefits to the next level. Yoga wheels help deepen your yoga practice overall.
So have fun playing with your wheel. Go gradual and be safe. Honor your body, keep experimenting and don’t hesitate to enquire via the comment box below! The yoga wheel is a fun yoga prop that can supplement your practice in great ways. Enjoy and keep Rollin’ yogis!

Last thing yogis, please share with the help of the social media buttons provided below. Don't forget to watch this full video tutorial yoga wheel for beginners on YouTube. Thanks for reading and accompanying me to this point.

PS: 1. A yoga wheel works better when you place it on a YOGA MAT to find more stability and comfort. Check the best non-slip yoga mat HERE

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    And I also want to add some points:

    Factors Should Consider Before Purchasing
    1. Size
    12-inch would be the best size for adults.

    2. Stability
    The wide of the yoga roller should be 5-inch to 7-inch.

    3. Sweat resistant
    With the sweat-resistant material, your yoga circulation won’t retain any scents.

    4. Cushioning padding
    With the thick padding will enable you comforts while you are in the workouts.

    5. Consider the weight limits
    The yoga prop can hold up 500 lbs -1000 lbs typically.

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