Kundalini Yoga For Ajna, Sahasrara, And Aura Activation | Connect With Your Intuitions And Divinity


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 Through the Kundalini Yoga For Ajna, Sahasrara, And Aura Activation, You will be able to energize Your ‘Sixth Chakra For Strong Intuitions’, ‘progress in spirituality with Sahasrara-activation’ and ‘live your life in complete harmony with the help of the Aura- activation’.

Yoga For Ajna, Sahasrara, And Aura Activation|

‘That said, we shall one by one explore our Ajna, Sahasrara, and Auric fields’.


There may be many moments in your life when you feel mostly irritated, restless and stressed. Your thinking and acting capabilities begin to diminish due to lack of a clear roadmap for the life ahead. Connectivity with the self and the higher-self may appear to diminish. 

When all the attempts to see the clarity and move forward fail, you may find the answers in your two Upper Chakras and your own Energy Field called aura!


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Ajna- Our Seat of Intuitions


Ajna, our 6th Chakra is also known as the Third Eye Chakra. This literally means “to command” and it is the seat of intuition located at the brow point. 

Ajna  chakra, also called the pineal eye, the mind’s eye, or an invisible third eye, is sixth in the ascending order of  seven major chakras, and is said to correspond to the cavernous plexus

Located slightly behind and between the eyes, it is the ‘sandhi-sthala’ or a ‘meeting point’ of:

  • Iha-loka and Para_loka ( this world and the other world)
  •  The three nerve currents ( ida, pingala and sushumna)

 It is the gateway to cosmic dimensions, the fountain of mystical powers, the seat of awareness, discrimination and freedom. 

The Ajna is also associated with the pituitary gland which is the master gland that regulates the rest of the Glandular System. That represents recognition, intuition, imagination, visualization, dreaming, and perception. 


With a strong Ajna, you can see the unseen and come from a deep inner state of knowing. 

That means you just come to know intuitively what action is required at a certain point and make your decisions fast!


  How Does It Look To Have An Activated Sahasrara

Yoga For Ajna, Sahasrara, And Aura Activation| #Third_Eye_Chakra #Crown_Chakra_Yoga #Aura_Activation


When your  Sahasrara AKA Crown Chakra is balanced and active, you feel calm and peaceful even under pressure, make sound decisions, feel deeply connected to the divine source, yourself and every living and non living entity.

Your crown chakra also gives you a sense of your divine nature, the awareness that you are a soul in a human body.


Aura- The Magnetic Field Surrounding Your Body

Yoga For Ajna, Sahasrara, And Aura Activation| #Third_Eye_Chakra #Crown_Chakra_Yoga #Aura_Activation

Aura can be defined as the energy shield around us which protects from all the negativity including illnesses.

 Often our vibrant aura gets weak and we become susceptible to negative energies which may harm us in many ways such as mentally, emotionally, physically, professionally, and personally. 


So we are required to keep our Aura intact to progress in life and stay in harmony.


Does Our Aura Really Exist ?


This is a very natural question which arises as we think about Aura. Because we only believe what we can see…

According to science, the human body consists of energy vibrating at specific rates. 

This vibrational energy produces a magnetic field around the body. All our body functions such as respiration, digestion, nervous and circulatory etc comprise of a series of electrochemical reactions. 

These magnetic and electrical energy fields interact to form what is now known as “The Bio-Energetic Field”. 

“This bio-energetic field is known as ‘Aura’ and it surrounds about 4 to 5 feet of an area around the human body”. 

This ‘Aura’ interacts with environmental forces to create an energy balance in our body which is so essential for its normal functioning.

 It is believed that not only human beings but all other plants, animals and even inanimate objects possess ‘aura’ because of the presence of this vibrational energy. 

Aura has the primary colors of a rainbow


Color And Size Of The Human Aura


The color and size of aura varies depending on the emotional and physical status of a person. 

Those with happy and positive thoughts radiate wider and brighter aura while the people with sad and negative thoughts have shrinked and faded/black aura. 


Our Chakras Create Aura

Yoga For Ajna, Sahasrara, And Aura Activation| #Third_Eye_Chakra #Crown_Chakra_Yoga #Aura_Activation

Inside the human body there are energy points- the meeting points of the universal energy and our body energy.

This energy is further distributed  to the other parts of the body through the channels which form the ‘Meridian System‘. 

There are 7 major Chakras and 122 minor Chakras in our body. 

A disruption in the normal functioning of Chakras and Meridian System impacts the attributes of the Aura surrounding our body. 

In medical terminology, these manifest as physical diseases and illnesses like cancer, diabetes and hypertension etc. or psychological and mental disturbances like depression, schizophrenia and sleeplessness etc.

Kundalini Yoga For Ajna, Sahasrara, And Aura Activation

You may want to read the entire post for the complete insight. And also Watch the video below 👇

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Let’s start today’s practice with the holy chanting of Om.


Vajrasana Spinal Work


Spinal work while sitting in Vajrasana acts on all 7 body Chakras, which are located along our spinal cord.

Remember to open your chest when you Inhale and round your back when you exhale.

Your pituitary gland is an important pea-sized organ. If your pituitary gland doesn’t function properly, it affects vital parts like your brain, skin, energy, mood, reproductive organs, vision, growth, and more. 

It’s the “master” gland because it tells other glands to release hormones.


Child’s Pose (Third eye point massage)


  • From Vajrasana, raise your hands with an Inhale and while exhaling, bend forward to bring both your hands to the ground in a child’s pose. 
  • Press your forehead so that your third eye chakra point experiences a little pressure. 
  • Raise both your legs off the ground and you can feel that your aajana is simulated in a better way.


Since Ajna Chakra is located between our two eyebrows, massaging at this point stimulates our sixth Chakra.

An open Sixth Chakra is essential to visualize our dreams and life in the best possible ways.


Ajna Pranayama


The element of Ajna is light and vision


In addition to literally seeing, this chakra draws us into the power of visualization, imagination, and abstraction.  We connect to a higher frequency. 

You can stimulate your Ajna Chakra by varying the intensity of light into your eyes mindfully throughout the day.


This wonderful Ajna Pranayama can help in this process. Open and close your eyes with fingers and breathe out with sound ha…


  • If you dream a lot but find it hard to implement, look for Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • If you don’t dream at-ol, check your Ajna.
  • Remember the chakras work as a team


The third eye—the sixth chakra is an epicenter of intuition and psychic ability.


Clairvoyance or sixth sense may be one result of a developed third eye, but this energy center is responsible for so much more than ‘seeing-future’. 

When we open the third eye, we can see the big picture. 

Our ability shifts our perspective, we easily recognize our voids and understand our strengths. 


Seated Whistles


Place your left hand on your Heart Chakra, right hand’s two fingers- index and  middle raised . 

Inhale, open your eyes, exhale while whistling, close your eyes, hold your breath out. 

This is a beautiful three part breath-work to open your Ajna Chakra.


Each chakra is associated with physical structures in the body, so every illness or ailment can be traced to a corresponding chakra for a deeper understanding of the energetic origins of the disease. In other words, the chakras help us understand why illness develops and what we can learn from it. 

 Headaches, hormone imbalances, nightmares, indecision, burnout, and lack of purpose are all common manifestations when there’s an imbalance in the third eye.


Sahasrara Breath-work


This Sahasrara Breath-work helps to remove all kinds of fears in your life, 

Including fear of death.


Keep your palms open upward  in front of the Heart Centre. 

Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

Contract your pelvic floor muscles, sexual organs to apply Moola Bandha- Root Lock,  Hold your breath out, 

Aura Cleansing and Activation


Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. It acts as a magnetic field of energy that picks up on emotions, health, psychic debris, and circumstances around you. Your aura can experience stress as you exchange energies with those around you, which is exactly why you need to clean your auric field from time to time.


  • Curve your arms above your head.
  • Crisscross with the breath of Fire

Meditate With Eyes Half-open Looking Tips of The Nose

You can round off today’s Kundalini yoga for Ajna, Sahasrara, and Aura activation with this wonderful meditation.

  • Sit in the lotus pose.
  •  Fingers in Gyan Mudra- tips of your index fingers pressed with the thumb.
  • Meditate with eyes half-open looking at the tips of the nose.
  • Your eyes may year, that is normal.

Make this Meditation a part of your life. See your life-changing DRASTICALLY.

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Wrapping up- yoga for Ajna , Sahasrara, And Aura Activation


Always listen to your Intuitions no matter how small or silly these may seem. 

So in case a soft voice inside tells you to get an old vase polished or to call a relative, don’t dismiss it… do it… and notice the difference that comes out of your decision. 

When we begin to listen to that soft-spoken internal voice in the form of an Intuition  which sometimes appears to be insignificant,  it may open us up to receiving more profound guidance from ourselves. 

Remember all the answers you seek are present within, you only have to listen…

Ancient yogis believed this a lot!

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