Nabhi Kriya To Unblock Solar Plexus Chakra| Kundalini Yoga for Courage, Confidence And Power| Part 1


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You will come across the fabulous Nabhi Kriya to unblock your Solar Plexus Chakra, yoga Kriyas for courage, confidence and power. 

This is in fact a Kundalini Yoga Sequence to balance your solar plexus Chakra, a yoga style to help you get those killer abs and inner confidence.

What Is Nabhi Kriya

Nabhi Kriya To Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra, Nabhi Kriya For Courage, Confidence, And Power #Manipura

Nabhi refers to the Solar Plexus Chakra, or Manipura. Manipura is a Sanskrit word translate to the- Jewel City.

 This Chakra is the house of our power centre, located above the navel and slightly below the solar plexus.


Just think about this- when it happened last  that you thought you will do, and you did it! 

 “We plan the plans…”  and “we set the goals…”

Then, something creeps in between…

In between our desires… our thoughts…  our goals… and the accomplishments of those desires… thoughts… and goals…

We lack the drive… the will-power… the confidence… the courage…the commitment…

Thanks to our ancient Yogis! 

Not only that they discovered the trigger point of getting that drive… that Power… that confidence…that courage… but also discovered the methods how to trigger the trigger point.

That trigger point is known as the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura.


There are many ways to trigger your Solar Plexus Chakra. Yoga is an excellent way to do that.

There is a complete yoga sequence to balance your Solar Plexus Chakra.


There are the spacific Yoga Kriyas centred around this third Chakra known as the Nabhi Kriya.

In Kundalini yoga, the Nabhi Kriya comprises:

  •  Alternate Legs raises
  • Simultaneous Legs raises, and 
  • Lotus Flower Kriya.

I will cover each part of the nabhi Kriya one by one, because doing them all together in one go may be an overwhelming and daunting affair.

This Nabhi Kriya is the part one out of a series of three episodes.

 Here, we shall dip our hands with the “alternate legs raises” (100 times).

After each 25 such leg raises, we shall perform the reclined spinal twists (15 times) to get out of the monotony and to relax our legs and lower back.

Nabhi Kriya To Unblock Solar Plexus Chakra


Let’s start lying on a yoga mat.

Three Parts Breathwork

It’s always good to feel grounded and relaxed completely prior to each yoga practice. This three parts breathwork will do both the jobs for you.

  • Feel grounded and bring your attention to each parts of the body which connects you with the earth.
  • Release stress starting from your feet and scanning up to the Crown of the head.
  • Take three deep breaths.
  •  Inhale from your nose and exhale from the mouth.
  •  Place both the hands on the stomach.
  • When you inhale your fingers get apart, and when you exhale, the fingers come closer.
  • Start with three-parts breathwork.
  • Take a deep breath and assume that you are breathing from the Crown of the head.
  • The fresh air is travelling from the Crown Chakra down to the throat Chakra then from throat Chakra to the solar plexus Chakra and from solar plexus Chakra to your root Chakra.
  • Just feel that your stomach is filled with the strong and pure pranic oxygen. 
  • Exhale in the same manners but in reverse direction.
  • From Root Chakra to the Solar Plexus Chakra, from Solar plexus Chakra to the Throat Chakra, finally you exhale completely from the  Crown of the head.

This is one cycle.Complete two more cycles

Alternate Legs Raises ( First Round)

Alternate leg raises- Nabhi Kriya to balance your solar plexus Chakra

(At 90 degrees, 25*4)

Relax for two breaths then prepare for the alternate leg raises at 90 degrees.

Because at 90 degrees, your solar plexus Chakra gets energized. 

You meet your nabhi or naval at  this position.

  • If you have lower back issues, slip both the hands under the hips.
  • Inhale and bring your left leg vertical to the ground and exhale to bring it back.
  • Repeat the same with your right leg.
  • We shall complete hundred leg raises (four rounds of 25)

Keep raising and pushing yourself beyond your limits. you might feel some frustration, just go beyond that. Breathe deeply. 

Because you can do it!

Once you complete, bring both the legs on the ground and prepare for the spinal twists.

Reclined Spinal Twists ( First Round)

  • Bring both the palms below your head.
  • Bend your knees and 90° so that your shin bones are parallel to the earth.
  • Inhale and twist left from your middle body.
  • Exhale to come to the centre.
  • Inhale and twist your right and exhale to switch to the centre.

Complete 15 rounds of spinal twists.

Alternate Legs Raises (Second Round)

Open your legs and be prepared for the second round of the 90 degrees alternate leg raises.

  • Inhale, legs up, exhale, legs down.
  • Keep lifting, keep breathing, and keep moving. 
  • You are much stronger than you feel.
  • Bring your focus at your navel centre.
  • Feel the burning sensations. 

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is  balanced, you experience confidence, self-motivated and have a sense of purpose. 

  • Bring both the legs down. 
  • Take three deep breaths and get prepared for the spinal twists second round.

Reclined Spinal Twists ( Second Round)

Reclined spinal twist, Nabhi Kriya for your third Chakra

Bend your knees at 90 degrees, shin bones parallel to the ground and support your neck with both the hands, then twist left and right.

“Spinal twists also target the area of  solar plexus Chakra in your abdomen.

 They Shape Up the waist area and massage your internal organs and Improve spinal mobility.”

Alternate Legs Raises (Third Round)

Come back to the lying position. And get ready for the third round of the alternate leg raises.

“These leg raises will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and help to tone the inner thighs and shape the butts area.”

“Keep going. This is how the life goes. 

You may find it boring, monotonous, and strenuous.”

But if you successfully complete this Challenge, you can go through any hurdle in your life.

With this Kriya you motivate yourself to become a fighter, a confident human, and a go getter.

Reclined Spinal Twists (Third Round)

Once again,

Bend your knees at 90 degrees and support your neck with both the hands, then, twist left and right.

The spinal twists,

  •  Relieve compression at the lower back.
  • Relax the body and quiets the mind.
  • Can help to alleviate upper back pain, lower back pain, knee and neck pain.

After 15 spinal twists, come back to the lying position and immediately start the fourth and final round of alternate leg raises.

Alternate Legs Raises (Fourth Round)

You must be sweating at this point. 

Have some water and relax.

 In case of higher level of discomfort, you can stop the practice immediately and rest in Savasana

  • Or, you can continue with me.
  •  Getting into a habit of this Kriya will take some time.
  •  Because, if your core muscles are weak you will find it the most difficult thing to do.
  • So practice this Kriya for 15 days. 
  • Start with single round of 25 leg raises, and gradually increase your numbers.

In a very short time you will be perfect in this Yog Kriya:))

 If I can do it, you can too😊

“After completion of these leg raises there is option to go for another round of spinal twist or you can rest in Savasana”.

Or, you can seal your practice with the practice of Maha-Bandha.

Mahabandha- The Master Lock 🔐

Nabhi Kriya To Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra, Nabhi Kriya For Courage, Confidence, And Power #Mahabandha #Master_lock

  • Lie on the floor with your knees bend and both the soles on the floor.
  • Place both the hands below the knees.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Exhale and contract your pelvic floor muscles, sexual organs, premium for Mulabandha and  suck the naval in for Uddiyana Bandha
  •  Puff your chest and let your chin rest on the chest in neck lock in Jalandhara Bandha.
  • Release your neck, inhale a lot of air and exhale slowly.
  • If you are comfortable, you can repeat the Maha-Bandha.

If you are new to yoga Bandhas or Yogic locks, you can learn in detail-

 Yoga sequence With Yoga Bandhas.

Release your body and rest in Savasana for minimum of 10 minutes.

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Wrapping Up- Nabhi Kriya To Unblock Solar Plexus Chakra

Nabhi kriya can influenced so many aspects of your life… not only toning the abs and waist line, but also strengthening the personal power, courage, and confidence.

Understanding the purpose of your physical presence and honing up many life skills.

You can also use this Kundalini Yoga Kriya  to supercharge your digestion and overall health by increasing energy at the navel point and keeping the digestive organs strong and flexible.

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Thanks  being with me on your mat, namaste Yogis!

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