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Hello and welcome back to the  Chakra Series yogis! Since we have explored all our 7 Chakras via physical methods, i.e., by doing different yoga postures and sequences. Now it’s time to chant some Mantras for healing your crown Chakra. So here are the most powerful Mantras to awaken your Crown Chakra a k a Sahasrara. The  Sahasrara being more spiritual can be accessed by sadhana, meditation and chanting of Mantras more than any other method.


Butt.. first…

What are mantras

Mantras are positive vibrations which eliminate all kind of negativities from our minds. These are scientifically created words or phrases which are centred for a special purpose to meet certain goals similar to the affirmations. In a more general way, you can say that the mantras are Sanskrit-Affirmations.


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How Mantra Chanting Can Affect Our Brain And Body


Regular chanting of mantras releases positive energy and eliminates all the negative thoughts from our mind. This also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and rewire our brain neurones.

Moreover, chanting Mantra can improve your listening skills, brain concentration and patience. This also helps to declutter your mind and increase the ability to ignore the negative thoughts.

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More About The Crown Chakra 

Highly spritual in nature, Sahasrara is the seventh Chakra out of total seven in our body.  Situated above the Crown of our head, It is represented by a lotus of thousand petals with the principal element of thoughts. Its colour is white and the Bija Mantra is Om. 

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Crown Chakra Yoga Sequence| Manta, Mudra, Meditation

The most powerful Mantras to Awaken your third eye chakra


Since Sahasrara represent our thoughts and its connectivity with the universe…the integrity with the unknown…most of the Mantras I have stated here are meant for oneness with the universe…unity with yourself…as well as your union with everything…yet attachment with none! These Mantras you can chant first thing in the morning, as an intention during your yoga practice, before going to bed, or any other time you feel to connect with yourself or to explore the universe around you and attract the abundances.

Sit in sukhasana or lotus pose. Inhale and exhale deeply five times and relax.

Now smile and chant these Mantras to awaken your  Crown Chakra



Sound of the universe

AUM or Om is said to be the first sound heard at the creation of the universe. Chanting of Om energizes all the body chakras, from the root chakra at the base of your spine to the crown of your head- Sahasrara. Starting your yoga practice from the Om and concluding with chanting of OM helps you experience the completeness of the life cycle.

Sa...Ta...Na...Ma... Powerful Mantras to awaken your Crown Chakra #sahasrara_mantra #crown_chakra_meditation



whose name is Truth


SA – infinite and source of this universe, TA – life or birth of form, NA – a transformation of form, MA – rebirth. This is one of the most Powerful mantra to awaken crown chakra.


Om Gam Ganapataye Namah


  I bow to lord Ganesha

The most auspicious mantra when you want to start anything afresh. It is firmly believed that chanting Ganesh mantra first thing when you begin anything important is the key to success. It has the power to break all obstacles and make you free from all your troubles and purify your body, mind, and soul.


Twam Eva Mata Cha Pita Twam Eva


We are your children


This mantra reveals the truth that our connection with the world is an interactive spiritual relationship.

“I feel my connection to the universal existence as an intimate relationship, like a child to his/her parents (Mata cha pita).


Om Shara Vana Ya


 My awareness is aligned with the power of the universe


This mantra atunes to your intentions with the intentions of the cosmos. This is my life, and “this” “is” “life”. I don’t need to fight this. I let life carry me instead. Right here and now, my whole life is expansive.

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Om Hreem

Vibrations to still your mind


This mantra opens awareness of the eternal present that exists in every changing moment. It reveals the unchanging, unbounded quality of consciousness within every experience.

Powerful Mantras to awaken crown chakra #sahasrara_mantras #chakra_balancing


Om Purnam Adah 


The Nature is inherently full, abundant, and complete


The infinite consciousness we experience as the universe around us is as complete and whole (Puram as our inner universe because they are the same consciousness.

Aham Prema


 I am love


This mantra reveals your true nature as pure love. Prema (love) is the flowing energy that connects us all.

When we see the world with the eyes of love, our hearts are filled with gratitude and grace.


 Om Kleem Shreem


Appreciation and gratitude for the abundance in life


This mantra affirms that you deserve the fulfilment of all your deepest desires.

Ka, la, ee and m refer to the cause, external body, causal body respectively.

Shreem is the mantra associated with nature’s beauty, love, and abundance. Kleem is the sound that attracts those qualities to you.

Throat Chakra yoga sequence video

 Ananta Swa Bhava 


Infinite and unbounded


This mantra awakens your knowledge of the infinite potentiality of your higher self.

Ananta means “that which is infinite and unending.” Ananta Swa Bhava means “I know my state of Being as infinite and unbounded.”


Vratam Ahum


 I am the consciousness


This mantra means “I am the consciousness that accepts life with wisdom and grace.”

This is a state of choice less awareness that affirms and embraces life just as it is, at this moment.


 Sanatana Hum 


I am unending

Sanatana Hum means “my self is eternal.” This mantra reveals the truth of your consciousness as an unending presence – pure Being.


Atman Prakasha


Light of the soul


This mantra affirms that the true nature of your self is the wholeness of the universe. It illuminates your being as the truth of cosmic existence.


Aroot Perum Jothi


Omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent


This mantra invokes the divine light of grace to fill your life.

With this mantra, the light of grace enters from the crown chakra and transforms every cell in your body, every thought, and every feeling.

Throat Chakra yoga sequence video

 Twam Eva Sarvam


You are everyone to me

This mantra means “my true self is the essence and source of all that is good and valuable.”


 Ananda Hum

I am bliss


This mantra awakens the state of fulfilment that is your true self. Ananda is the inherent bliss, joy, and fulfilment of existence. When I elate my heart, I awake and radiate bliss. This energy uplifts and expands me. By opening my heart, I can feel enjoyment deeply.


Kritajna Hum

 I am gratitude


This mantra cultivates an awareness that naturally looks at the world with gratitude. It is a fully present state of consciousness. My true self is always grateful. I am connected with everything else in the universe.


 Samprati Hum


 The present moment is my true self

This mantra reminds us that our true self is ever-present awareness. Simply being awake in the now is the natural state of gratitude. This presence of grace is your essential nature.

I don’t need more to be complete; I am whole right now.




 My individuality expands to universality


This mantra guides awareness in the natural process of letting go and expanding into the unlimited self. Prani Dhana means to surrender,” “devote” or “be supported by”.

This is an important and one of the most Powerful mantra to awaken crown chakra.

In yoga, Ishvara pranidhana can be exercised through practising asanas along with a mantra, mudra, meditation, and/or through the yogi’s actions of daily living.


 Karuna Hum

I am compassion

This mantra works on the heart chakra level to invite love and compassion. When I have no judgment, I see everyone with kindness. Compassion is the knowing that because you are human and I am human that we are more alike than we could ever be different.


Aham Brahmasmi


I am divine


This mantra affirms that the true nature of your self is the wholeness of the universe. You’re being resonated as the truth of cosmic existence. It reflects the ultimate goal of yoga – union with the higher self since yoga itself means Yuj “union”.


 Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah 

 Let peace and happiness prevail everywhere

This mantra is to spread a message of peace and wellness as an integral element of yogic life and is a part of the following mantra.


Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah

May all be happy and prosperous

Read the complete mantra

Sarve Santu Niraamayaah |

Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu

Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||



Om, May All be Happy,

May All be Free from Illness.

May All See what is Auspicious,

May no one Suffer.

Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


Om Saha Navavatu


Let we move and grow together to shine


This mantra is great for personal bonding with your teacher or fellow students. This is a line taken from the following mantra.

Read the complete mantra–

Om Saha Naav[au]-Avatu |

Saha Nau Bhunaktu |

Saha Viiryam Karavaavahai |

Tejasvi Naav[au]-Adhiitam-Astu Maa Vidvissaavahai |

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||


Which means

Om, Together may we two Move (in our class, the Teacher and the Student),

Together may we two Relish,

Together may we perform with Vigour,

May what has been Studied by us be filled with the Brilliance ;

May it not give rise to Hostility,

Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


 Twam Eva Sarvam


 you are everyone to me

This mantra means “my true self is the essence and source of all that is good and valuable.”

This mantra connects your spiritual heart to the universe as something personal and intimate.


 Eem Hreem Kleem


 I radiate confidence and strength.

I am at ease with my ignorance. I can wait with purpose. I listen for messages that I’m on the right path and meet each situation with hope.


 Om Durgaya Namah


I am fearless.


Who I am has nothing to do with fear and possess all the creative potential. Anything is possible from this place, and I am prepared for whatever is on its way.

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Sheevo Hum


 I am pure potentiality


I harness the creative potential of the whole universe. I align with it and I become pure potentiality. Hope is my very source of strength.


Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung


I am Infinite

Sun, Moon, Earth, and Universe. I am that all.


Summing Up- Powerful Crown Chakra Mantras


According to the world’s leading Chakra Expert and Energy Healer Anodea Judith each chakra, or energy centre, contains habitual patterns, or “programming,” that enables our life force to interact with different levels of energy, such as physical, sexual, emotional, mental, or spiritual energies.

The Sahasrara Chakra symbolises detachment from illusion; an essential element in obtaining higher consciousness of the truth that one is all and all is one.

Thank you so much for being here with me and believing in me ❤️ and thanks again for sharing this with your friends and family 😊


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