49 Powerful Chakra Balancing Affirmations To Thrive In Your Life


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Rashmi Agrawal


Really! Unbelievable. This is me around a year back until I didn’t try my hands with them. How can the Chakra Balancing Affirmations change one’s life! I mean calling “a spade a spade” seems very logical but if chanting “I am the most beautiful woman on the planet” ten times each day can suddenly expand me to my dream height (5”9’) and contract my waist to the half!  Let you and I journey together to find the answer.


What Are Affirmations?

You are what you eat…; you are what you read…; you are what you think…

We absolutely can’t deny the power of eating right, reading wonderful epics and shaping our brain with the terrain of our thoughts. Why not add one more line in the row-

You are what you chant…

In fact, chanting mantras is seen as a part and parcel of life in many cultures including  Hinduism and Buddhism. Mantras are constructed using powerful Sanskrit words or may find solace in a word only like OM- ‘SOUND OF THE UNIVERSE’. Sanskrit not being a primary language of conversation, everyone may not find a mantra-chanting thing handy.

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Affirmations are in no way different than mantras. Except for the use of a “common world language”. The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.” Affirmations help purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we truly begin to think everything is possible.

Obviously, we cannot rely purely on thoughts.  We need to translate thoughts into words and words into actions in order to manifest our intentions. This means we have to be very careful with our words, choosing to include only those which work towards our wellness and cultivate our highest good.

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How Chakra Balancing Affirmations Can Rewire Our Brain

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life.

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Much like Yoga and Meditation, they simulate the secretion of feel-good hormones and push our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons (Source). In the sequence of thought-speech-action, affirmations play an integral role by breaking patterns of negative thoughts, negative speech, and in turn negative actions.


Chakra Balancing Affirmations do indeed strengthen us by helping us believe in the potential of our dreams to manifest. When we consciously affirm our dreams and ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality.

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Many Ways of Chakra Balancing

Yes, not just a few. We all differ in the many aspects of life. There are too many stimuli to block or unbalance our chakra. Maybe lack of balanced diet, absence of a loving partner, secured job, a fulfilling lifestyle to name a few. Similarly, there are multiple ways to heal your chakras.

Most powerful of all is the Yogic Path which involves yoga, meditation, and Kundalini awaking. These methods are demanding and need a thorough practice.

The other way of chakra balancing and healing is through chakra crystals, essential oils, and Chakra Balancing Affirmations.

Affirmations being one of the most powerful yet simple tool-kit to keep your energy centers fit and fine. The reason is simple. Our thoughts create our reality, and by regularly practicing positive chakra balancing affirmations, we can achieve results in our lives that we couldn’t even imagine!


Welcome to one more chakra journey with me Yogis!

As of now, we have walked together a lot to keep our Wheel of Life in synch. If you’re new to my community, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through in your chakra quest first before jolting you to the chakra balancing affirmations.


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Because most of the things are covered we will take just a sneak-peak to all chakra things here.

Chakra Overview


The word “chakra” derives from the Sanskrit language and literally means a “spinning wheel.” The Chakra System  is rooted via ancient yogic traditions. There are seven major chakras or energy centers in our body, aligned through our spinal cord.

Each chakra resonates with a specific vibrational frequency in the universe which influences our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When our chakras are perfectly aligned with the universal flow of energy, every aspect of our life becomes harmonious and joyful. In balance with your chakras, you reclaim perfect health, and your love and passion for life are made new again.


As every chakra has a specific name and color (among other things, like crystals and essential oils) that corresponds to a certain vibrational frequency. So each chakra is associated with certain emotions, experiences, and characteristics.

When our chakras can get out of balance this affects our life in one or more ways. For instance, the first chakra, the root chakra a.k.a. Mooladhara, is all about security and the instinct for survival. An imbalance at this place might reflect as anxiety or insecurity. The physical symptoms of a root chakra imbalance might give you lower back pain.

A weak or blocked sacral chakra a.k.a. Swadhisthana can disrupt your sexual energy or zero down your creative juices.

An out of synch Solar Plexus Chakra a.k.a. Manipura can set a ceasefire on your level of confidence.


In case you’ve been grieving for so long and not recovering, your heart chakra a.k.a. Anahata needs a boost. Or finding that your communication gets choked when it’s needed most, your throat chakra needs a tune-up.

Remaining two upper more spiritual chakras- the third eye chakra and Crown Chakra are about intuitions and spirituality respectively.

Chakra Balancing Affirmations are designed keeping a focus on specific chakra dominance. So as when repeated with serenity, they exhibit constructive properties for each chakra by directing the energies to that energy center.


Rejuvenate With these 49 Positive Chakra Balancing Affirmations


Sit or lie down in a quiet place. With a focus on the specific chakra color, location, and characteristics of each chakra, chant these affirmations loud, or you can silently meditate on each. You choose the way you are most comfortable with.  Visualize a wheel spinning in a clockwise direction with the specific color frequency of each chakra as you proceed.


Root Chakra Affirmations

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Root Chakra


The Root Chakra a.k.a. Muladhara chakra is red and located at the base of your spine. The Root Chakra, densest of six upper chakras is the foundation of a chakra system. This is where our basic needs like food, cloth, shelter,  and survival instinct reside. A balanced root chakra exhibits a sense of trust, stability,  and security.

But when your root chakra is blocked, you may find yourself worrying too much, feeling lethargic, and letting anger and sorrow build.

On the physical level, you might include colon pain, constipation, sciatica, lower back pain, hemorrhoids, prostate issues, or menstrual cramps.

Using these root chakra affirmations can help you to become more energetic, have stronger will power, and more endurance.

You’ll feel a greater connection with surroundings and a sense of security, they can also help you to feel more stability with your finances, mental health, wellness, and spirituality.

  • My basic needs are lit.
  • My survival is tranquil.
  • I am taken care of.
  • I am safe.
  • I am grounded.
  • I am financially secure.
  • I’m always provided for.



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Sacral Chakra Balancing Affirmations

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Sacral chakra , #swadhisthana


The Sacral Chakra a.k.a. Swadhisthana chakra is orange color and located just below our navel in the womb area. It’s related to our creativity, sexuality, energy, passion, and joyful experiences. This chakra utilizes the root chakra’s earth energy for pleasure and creativity.

When your sacral chakra is out of balance, you may feel like you have poor boundaries and a lack of control around your sexual urges, or you’re sexually repressed. Jealousy, fear, sexual dysfunction, obsessions, and attachments, or feeling detached from one’s soul or self are all symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra.

Using sacral chakra affirmations can help you to improve your creativity and have a healthy attitude about sexuality and your body while accepting of others and compassionate to their imperfections. You start to feel more vibrant, optimistic, productive, and playful.

  • I am creative.
  • I am flexible.
  • I am comfortable expressing my sexuality.
  • I am comfortable in my body.
  • I am in touch with my feelings.
  • It is my right to be joyful and find pleasure.


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Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Solar Plexus Chakra


The Solar Plexus Chakra a.k.a. Manipura is bright yellow and located in the upper belly, just below the heart. It represents growth, personal power, and control. This is the seat of dominance and confidence and a vital source of your success in this world.

When your solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you feel scared and anxious, leading to accumulated resentment and competing with others in a detrimental way. You might further suffer from insomnia and stress management.

Chanting solar plexus chakra affirmations can help you to recognize and develop your talents and become confident and assertive with positive thinking.


  • I am confident.
  • I am responsible.
  • I own my power.
  • I am strong.
  • My work has an ease and flow.
  • I honor myself.
  • I act and shine.


Heart Chakra balancing Affirmations

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra a.k.a. Anahata chakra is a vibrant green color and located in the chest area covers the upper body below the thread including shoulders and arms. It’s related to unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and well-being. It is the center of your being and acts as a bridge to the lower three chakras and the upper three.

When your heart chakra is out of balance, you feel lonely, rejected, and isolated. Lung problems, heart problems, and upper back problems point to Anahata being blocked.

Heart chakra affirmations can help you to be more loving. You’re more open to acceptance, give and receive love and care… You feel more empathy, wisdom, connections, and have more emotional balance.

  • I am open to give and receive love.
  • I love and accept myself.
  • I am compassionate to all.
  • I connect easily.
  • I forgive myself and others.
  • I am fully open to love.
  • My heart is full of love.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Throat Chakra


The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha chakra) is blue and located in the throat area. It’s related to how we express our truth, communication. When your throat chakra is out of balance, you may be afraid to communicate or be easily embarrassed and confused. Or maybe you’re prone to gossips and lies which are signs of an overstimulated chakra. This can cause thyroid problems, a constant problem in the throat area, and neck stiffness.

Chanting throat chakra balancing affirmations can help you to have a strong voice, to express yourself fully, and to find a balance between when you communicate and when you listen. It will help you expressed more creatively in all the aspect of life.

  • I communicate with ease.
  • I have a melodious voice.
  • It’s benign to express my needs.
  • I speak my truth freely.
  • I trust others.
  • I am honest about who I am.
  • I speak with clarity.

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Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Third eye Chakra #Ajna Affirmations

The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna chakra) is indigo color and centered in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows which is a third eye area. It’s related to our intuitions, clarity, and our connection to the spiritual world.

When your third eye chakra is out of balance, you may have a lack of perspective, problematic priorities, poor eyesight, or a lack of imagination. Finding concentration or memorizing becomes a task with a weak Ajna chakra.

Using third eye chakra affirmations can help you to find more wisdom and spiritual connection in your life. You might feel closer to Spirit, and a deeper sense of inner peace.


  • I believe my intuition.
  • I have a clear vision.
  • My thoughts are clear.
  • I have a good memory.
  • I have spiritual wisdom.
  • I am peaceful.
  • I am open to inspiration.



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Crown Chakra Affirmations

49 Powerful chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life. #Crown chakra Affirmations

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara chakra) is violet and is at the very top of the head. It’s related to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

When your crown chakra is out of balance, you may feel detached from reality and overwhelmed. When the other chakras have not been developed, bringing energy to this chakra can cause extreme problems, like a spiritual crisis and addictions.

Using crown chakra affirmations can help you to feel a greater sense of connection with all beings and become spiritually free. It’s also a gateway to deep wisdom and connection with the divine.


  • I am connected to the universe.
  • I receive superpowers.
  • I own my wisdom.
  • I am a divine being.
  • I believe in oneness.
  • I live in present.
  • I am at peace.


Rules To Create Your Own Set of Affirmations

Do you need to memorize them all?

Fortunately, positive affirmations are almost as easy to construct as they are to practice. Unlike quotes, which are premade slogans, usually taken from a famous book or mentioned in a famous speech, affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts.

Moreover, creating your own affirmations can be extremely simple, and all you need to do is pick a situational phrase and repeat it to yourself.

When I am trapped in a challenging situation, I create my own affirmation keeping in mind these rules-

Affirm in the PRESENT – so that your subconscious mind goes to work on them right away.

  • Keep them POSITIVE- Avoid all negative words like don’t, won’t…
  • Keep them PERSONAL- Start with ‘I’ and ‘May I
  • Be PRECISE- Remove all the fluffy words
  • Make them POWERFUL. …
  • Add some Rhythm- So that its catchy and enjoyable
  • Keep them PRIVATE- let others create for themselves
  • Keep them sweet and short.
  • Last, blend the affirmation with the corresponding chakra characteristics


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Wrapping Up- Chakra Balancing Affirmations

So speak away, relinquish your fears and express your feelings. Create your own set of affirmations to shape your future and live up to your potential with chakra balancing affirmations to thrive in your life.

I love chanting them to express my heart-felt desires and set my intension for life.

Thank you for accompanying me up to this point! Don’t forget to share and save specifically on Pinterest.

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