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Ashwini mudra helps to move the pranic energy up into the body channels and helps quick relief from the constipation and haemorrhoids. You will learn here How to do Ashwini Mudra and its Benefits 

Butt first…

Have you  been lucky enough to get an opportunity to sit and watch a horse (from its rear) doing something as natural as replying to its nature’s call? I know you haven’t. Even if you did, you may have turned your eyes beyond from the scenic view (and so would I). But our ancient yogis observed and reached to the conclusion that it had to do something with the “horse-power”. They observed that there were a substantial amount of contractions in the anus area of the horses after they finish defecating. And this is how the Ashwini Mudra came into the LimeLight

Learn These Facts Before Knowing How To Do Ashwini Mudra

How to do Ashwini Mudra| Benefits of doing Ashwini Mudra

“Ashwa” is the Sanskrit name for “horse” and Mudra means “gesture” thus

Ashwini Mudra is called a horse gesture. It is a beginner’s yoga technique that involves rhythmically contracting the anal sphincter. This is to direct the prana i.e. life force energy upwards along the spine through the Sushumna Nadi, the body’s main energy channel. it works on Root Chakra level.

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How to do Ashwini Mudra


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  • You may sit in sukhasana or vajrasana or any other comfortable seated posture. You can also do it sitting on a chair. Although Ashwini mudra can be incorporated with most of the yoga poses, the inverted postures such as legs up the wall and Sarvangasana are the most preferred one.
  • Start with relaxation and focusing on breathing. Just feel how you are feeling today at this moment.
  • Try contracting the anal sphincter muscles and hold for a few seconds with squeezing-in action then release gradually and breathe normally for a few seconds. Repeat this but in case of any discomfort, you may pause.

Advanced Variants of Ashwini Mudra

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Ashwini Mudra  With Kumbhaka


Ashwini mudra can be practised in tandem with the breath. 

In Yoga, kumbhaka stands for breath retention. 


  • Contract the anal sphincter muscles while breathing in and hold it for some seconds
  • Breathe out while releasing the sphincter muscles
  • Repeat this process for as long as you can do it


Ashwini Mudra With Jalandhar Bandha


  • Sit on your heels in Vajrasana. Feel the pressure on the Muladhara Chakra a.k.a. root chakra.
  • To add Jalandhar bandh, Contract the throat as if you are swallowing.
  • Bring the chin back towards the chest and gently press downward. It does not have to be an intense one. Over time you may feel the compression of the windpipe.
  •  Hold the bandha and  Contract the anus as long as it is comfortable, then relax the throat, raise the chin and exhale slowly through the nose as well as release the anus contraction.
  •  Feel the energy throughout the body. Visualize the energy moving up the spine.

How to do Ashwini Mudra| Benefits of doing Ashwini Mudra

Ashwini Mudra With Inverted Postures

ASHWINI Mudra With Leg Up The Wall Postures

Leg up the wall yoga posture or Viprit Karni

  • Lie down in supine position and exhale.
  • While inhaling, contract the abdomen and slowly raise both the legs to 90-degree angle from the floor, in the leg up the wall or Viprit Karni yoga posture. For more restorative version take help of a wall to rest your two legs.
  • Next,  begin contracting and expanding the anal muscles while breathing normally.
  • Download Vipreet Karni yoga posture tutorial here

 Ashwini Mudra With Sarvangasana

Crown chakra yoga sequence #sahasrara_yogaSarvangasans

  • From the leg up the wall posture, exhale, raise the waist and hips from the floor and take the legs backwards over the head.
  • While inhaling, raise the back and the legs into a vertical position, placing the hands on the upper back for support.
  • Rest your chin against the chest creating the chin lock or Jalandhar Bandh and Inhale.
  • While exhaling bend both the legs.
  • Lower the legs from the hips. Bring the thighs towards the abdomen.
  • Keep your knees together or slightly apart.
  • In this position start contracting and expanding the anal muscles while breathing normally.
  • Download the sarvangasana tutorial here.

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Benefits of doing Ashwini mudra

How to do Ashwini mudra to cure constipationtion and hemorrhoid

  • In yoga, the Ashwini Mudra is suggested for the people suffering from the chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, sexual disorders, prolapse of rectum and sagging of uterus in women. Overal functions of stomach improve due to the pressure created in horse gesture.
  • Strength of the muscles of the rectum, large intestine and perineum region is increased.
  •  Useful in preventing the prolapse of the rectum and preventing piles. 
  • The function of abdominal organs (especially the lower abdomen) is improved. 
  • If you also involve the Jalandhar Bandha, the combination improves the function of the thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary glands. 
  •  Other endocrine glands are regulated by these main glands and so the overall function of the endocrine system is improved. This further results in the improved functioning of all other systems of the body. 
  • The thyroid gland function becomes optimal due to the increased oxygen and blood as well as managing emotional and mental stress which affects the thyroid adversely.
  • When Ashwini Mudra is done with inversions such as viprit Karni a.k.a. leg up the wall, stagnant blood from the lower regions of the body, i.e. legs and abdomen is rushed to the heart thereby improving the supply of fresh blood to these parts and the whole circulatory system. Further, the blood supply to the head area i.e. brain, eyes, ears, nose and throat is improved thereby improving their functioning. Therefore all of the pelvic and abdominal area circulation and problems related to ear, throat and nose ailments are treated. 
  • The lung capacity is increased as the diaphragm, which is a prominent muscle for respiration,  works against gravity, this helps in the abdominal respiration and is therefore helpful in the treatment of asthma. 
  • Toxins in the respiratory system are drained thereby improving the respiratory system. 
  •  Detoxifies the body due to improved efficiency of the organ leading to youthfulness and anti-ageing effects. 
  • Normalizes body weight due to its effect on the thyroid. 
  • It also balances the circulatory, digestive, reproductive and nervous system.
  •  Due to the increased blood flow to the head,d the mind is tranquillized, stress and psychological disturbances are removed. 
  • The increased blood flow can be beneficial for those who suffer from headaches, though it should not be practised at that very moment. 
  • The thymus gland is stimulated which boosts the immune system. It balances the parathyroid glands that ensure regeneration and normal development of the bones.
  •  It releases the normal gravitational pressure from the anus muscles which helps with haemorrhoids. 
  • It is an important exercise for preparing the mother for childbirth. It supports the growing weight of the fetus as it strengthens the uterine muscles.
  • It is also a preparatory mudra for practising Mula bandha and maha mudra.
  • Improves your sexual health by improving the strength of the muscles of the pelvis and improving blood circulation therein. It awakens the sexual energies and sense of pleasure that come from the earth and water chakras to rise to the higher chakras.
  • The pranic flow is harmonized, increasing energy and having an overall positive effect on all the body systems.



Any women suffering from severe problems of the uterus should not practice this asana. Should be avoided during pregnancy and menstruation, high blood pressure and brain diseases. Should be avoided if suffering from an enlarged thyroid, spleen or liver as well as cervical spondylitis, slipped disc, headache and weak blood vessels in the eyes.


Wrapping Up- How To Do Ashwini Mudra


Thanks for reading till this line. If you like the read share with your friends who may need it more urgently. Ashwini Mudra is part of shat kriya,  the yoga cleansing rituals comprising of 6 kriyas. According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika , there are six cleansing techniques called Shat Kriyas. They are Kapalabhati, Trataka, Neti, Dhouti, Nauli and Vasti. Shat means ‘six’ and kriya means ‘cleansing’. … Kapalabhati (Cleansing Breath) ‘Kapala’ in Sanskrit means skull; and ‘Bhati’ means shine. Learn more about shat kriyas…

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Avoid straining and don’t do it in case of high blood pressure or any heart problem. For more insights on the yogic experiences please join my Facebook group and follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.


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  • This is a informative post. A lot to learn about Ashwini mudra that has countless health benefits. I think this simple and easy to do yoga mudra would help us get out of severe health problems. Thanks for letting me know about the benefits and tips for doing it.

    • Thank you Rahul for your kind words, I am glad that you found the post helpful.

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