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Pranayama For Your Spiritual Awakening will help you to collaborate with the universe, manifest ,and awaken the kundalini energy


In the last article, I looked at a very quick way just about anyone in any circumstances can begin a little Yoga breath-work and simple relaxation. 

Today I will introduce a way to take this little practice- Pranayam for your spiritual awakening, right into the heart of authentic Yoga and establish a deep Spiritual practice right from today.


Importance Of Pranayama

Pranayama for spiritual awakening

We all breathe continually without cessation, just as our heartbeats without pause. We would be very concerned if either of these functions ever just missed one or two cycles of their rhythm. 

We rightly said in the last article that our Heart is the seat of the Soul, the spark of the divine within us known as Atman in Yoga lore

So, it really stands to normal reason that any effort or practice that brings us closer to our own Hearts will be enormously beneficial, not only to us but to all those around us involved with our lives, even just those who come into casual contact with us. 


Also mentioned in the last article, our current, modern society has become highly separated from the level of Heart and Soul amidst the flood of technology and industry we all experience every day 

So the majority of us are very ‘head’ oriented, or ‘rational/logical’ to the sad exclusion of the warmth, feelings, and direct ‘knowing’ of the Heart, Spirit, and True Mind that is found in our Soul. 


Little known by most folk, is a property of the breath to ‘amplify’ the items of our consciousness

If we are feeling sad and depressed and we do not intentionally use breath-work to try to shift out of that state, it will probably get worse. 

Conversely, if we are feeling and thinking great, we will end up feeling even better. 


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 Pranayama For Spiritual Awakening

Pranayama for spiritual awakening and manifesting

We can deliberately and consciously use this property of breath and energy (Prana) for our purpose of Spiritual practice and inquiry


By simply regulating our breath patterns we can induce calm, rest, rejuvenate and even change a bad mood or mild depression. This will always work provided we have a genuine intention to do so and make a proper effort to practice as well. 


By having a gentle intention to gain ‘insight’ into any Spiritual issue, this will also work by having a serious intent and staying with the method for a time. 


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Let’s Embrace To Spirituality With Yogic Breathing

Pranayama for spiritual awakening and manifesting

So let’s look at a quick, easy way to get this started. 

As we did in the last article,


  •  you can settle into your sacred place or meditation area, relax for a short 
  • while and then begin some easy cycles of conscious breathing. 
  • Remember a longer exhalation will bring the calming effect much quicker than equally matched inhale and exhale.
  • A good ratio for calming is four slow counts in, hold for four counts, and then six counts breathing out. 
  • If we repeat this cycle six to eight times we should become beautifully relaxed, center and calm.
  • Just keep it easy comfortable.
  • Now we can settle into an easy on-going rhythm of gentle, matched breathing. 
  • Say three or four counts in and three or four for the out-breath. 
  • Just make it very comfortable and easy so that you can free your attention and more or less forget about the breath and let it just flow along gently. 
  • So now it’s easy to casually turn our attention down into the Heart space.
  • Remember Yoga means 

‘union’ – that is primarily the union of Heart and Mind. 

  • So we can also pay careful attention to any feelings or thoughts that may come while we doing this practice. 
  • If anything is bothering us on a 

feeling level, we can easily address and resolve these during our regular Yoga practice.

  •  It is really so important to arrive at the unity of Mind and Heart (Soul).


Science Of Pranayama

We have a physical heart slightly on the left side of the chest below the breast bone (sternum) and,

 We also have a psychic or meta-physical Heart Cakra (energy center) in the center of chests. 

Some have said that this corresponds to the Thymus gland in the body which is this approximate area.


This may be partially correct but I do feel that the Heart Cakra (Anahata) extends its electro-magnetic activity far beyond the physical body and even the greater energy field of our bodies into 

the ‘infinite field of all possibilities’ to coin one popular term for whatever great field or organizing principle is operating in the broader Universe. 


You will be comfortable calling this field ‘God’ or Brahma, and this will of course be absolutely correct. It is always our deep convictions and beliefs that shape our experience and Reality. 


As we are steadily aware of our very own Heart level while doing our breath-work, also feeling a sense of accord with heart and mind, we can allow a portion of our minds to dwell into any question or issue that we need clarification or resolution with. 


This practice is not the traditional way of ‘praying’ or asking for help or healing or whatever it is, so rather to just to hold a simple present tense ‘knowing’ in your consciousness that an answer or resolution will come shortly is enough. 


It is very important to keep it present tense since any supplication into the ‘future’ will tend to hold that tense there in the meta-physical plane – always, 

some time ahead in the future, never in the here and now. 


Remember that we are all embedded here on the physical plane into the dense matter, and so there is always something of a ‘time’ delay’

Thoughts, feelings, and intentions are very subtle and so move rapidly within their own realm, but are confined to there. 

This physical plane, on the other hand, is relatively vibrationally dense and so those same subtle energies take a long time to travel here.

 This is also a great case for regular practice to establish our intentions firmly and even maintain that psychic energy over a period of time.

Final Words, On Pranayama For spiritual Awakening


So give it a try, but that means an on-going practice. Soon enough you will notice that answers to questions and issues that you have had will come seemingly out of nowhere, and even at unexpected times like-


while you are taking a shower or a walk. 


So, seldom during your actual practice time, although this happens more and more as we move deeper into our commitment over time. 

Always remember, breath enhances and amplifies subtle energies like thoughts, feelings, intentions. 


So be very aware of what your purpose is and always be gentle, never forcing in any way whatsoever. 

The more we can just accept that what we are seeking is already ours in a simple way, the more likely it is to become so, sooner rather than later.


Rich Blessings,

Paul Carlos

About The Author


Paul Carlos is the founder of Sacred Spiral Yoga School, an accredited Yoga Teachers Training provider with Yoga Alliance International. Paul has been involved with Yoga and other disciplines for the last 35 years and is further a musician focusing on sacred and classical music.

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