4 Proven Yoga Hasta Mudras for Students To Increase Brain Power, Memory, Focus, And Learning Abilities


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In this post, I am going to talk about the 4  yoga hasta mudras for students that will help them to increase brain power, and sharpen focus, memory, and learning abilities. These hand gestures are specifically excellent for students and learners. So let’s start.

Science Of Yoga Hasta Mudras For Students

Mudras are simple hand gestures that tune us into the subtle energies of the body.  They are a form of yoga using hands.  Research shows us that mudras engage certain areas in the brain, creating a brain-body connection.   Different areas of the hands are connected with different areas of the brain and body.  When children place their hands in different hand positions or mudras it can activate a certain state of mind.  Therefore, mudras can positively affect how your child feels.  Mudras energize, focus, and calm the body which makes them a great tool for children to help regulate how they are feeling.

The fingers in our hands have numerous nerves meeting at their tips. Also, each finger represents one of the elements present in our body. These elements are fire, air space, Earth, and water. With various combinations of these fingers, our body elements, also known as pancha mahabhutas are brought into balance. Hasta mudras are believed to facilitate healing and meditation and to affect the flow of energy in the body.

You can watch below the video on yoga hasta mudras for students’ brain power to sharpen focus, memory, and learning abilities. 

Proven Hasta Mudras For Students

1. Gyan Mudra


To do the gyan mudra, sit in a comfortable cross-legged seated position with your spine erect. bring the tips of your index finger touching the tips of your thumb.

Place both palms on your knees or thighs facing upward. You can hold each mudra for 5 to 15 minutes accompanied by deep breathing.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra

 Gyan mudra also known as the Mudra of wisdom helps to increase mental strength, sharpen your concentration and improve focus.

2. Pustak Mudra

Yoga Hasta Mudras For Students' brain power

Place all four fingers of both hands on the mount of the palm, this forms the fist of the fingers. In this Mudra fingers should be placed in such a way that the Index finger should touch the base of the thumb and the other three fingers should be near each other and the thumb should be near the Index fingers.

Benefits Of Pustak Mudra 

Pustak Mudra is highly beneficial for students who want to gain knowledge in very little time as this increases concentration and one is able to study easily.

If any book is difficult to understand, either spiritual or any tough book, it becomes easy after practicing this Mudra. By increasing concentration, one’s capacity to get knowledge increases.

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3. Lotus Mudra

To do Lotus mudra bring both the palms, index fingers, and thumbs touching each other while keeping the other fingers apart. Let both thumbs press your chest bone. This is a symbolic representation of a lotus flower. A company Lotus Mudra with Deep and calm breathing.

Benefits Of Lotus Mudra:

Lotus Mudra balances your heart Chakra bringing in feelings of kindness, compassion, and love for yourself and others. This Mudra helps to calm the mind and increase focus and concentration thus helping the students during stressful situations such as exams and long study hours. You can learn here about the Prana Mudra: the Mudra of life that cures 100 diseases.

4. Hakini Mudra

It is the most commonly used hand gesture when anyone aspires to focus on a single idea. All you need to do is to join the tips of both hands’ corresponding fingers as well as both thumbs with each other. Keep the base of the palms away from each other.

For the best results, place both thumbs either on your third eye or on your Heart Chakra. 

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Benefits of doing Hakini Mudra

Hakini mudra stimulates the third eye chakra or Ajna Chakra and improves the power of intuition. This mudra also increases focus and concentration and is the best Mudra for students and learners. This mudra is also recommended for people suffering from ADHD and other neurological disorders.

P.S.- If you want to learn in-depth about yoga hasta mudras, the complete yoga hasta Mudra Certification course is available on My App Yogarsutra Healing Studio which you can download from the app store here.

Wrapping up: Hasta Mudras For Students’ Brain Power

Yoga Hasta Mudras For Students' brain power, boost focus, memory and learning abilities

All the above Madras should be done in a comfortable seated posture and on an empty stomach. Morning or evening is the best time for all kinds of yoga practices.

You can hold each Mudra for 10 to 15 minutes in one go and a total of 45 minutes in the entire day. It is not necessary to do all the mudras together. If you become regular with any one of the above told Mudras, as a student and learner you can successfully increase your focus, concentration,  memory, and overall health and perform the best in all of your exams.

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