Kundalini Yoga To Stay Rooted| Yoga For Muladhara


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In the  Kundalini yoga to stay rooted, yoga for Muladhara, we shall flow to find our ground, find our base, and recognize the roots- the connectivity with our ancestors.


Kundalini yoga to stay rooted| yoga for muladhara| muladhara balancing| yoga for grounding

Buttt… First…

Metaphysical Vs Physical

Law of attraction states that whatever we see or have on the physical plane is a manifestation of our thoughts we send as vibrations to the metaphysical plane.

The signs and symptoms present on the Physical plane lead us to think and enquire more deeply into ourselves as energetic and spiritual beings.

When life travels straight, fulfilled with happiness, we keep ourselves busy in worldly affairs. This phase passes quickly and smoothly. 

But, when we’re in pain or discomfort, the transition of time takes too long! We try to overcome this pain and discomfort from available resources around us. 

Great chances are that a visit to a doctor or a healer proves to be helpful. However, when this is not the case we still want to do something about it to improve our life.


Here comes the metaphysics, energetic centres, and Chakras.

There are seven main energy centers in our body that stack along our spinal cord.

Out of our seven chakras, first one- The Root Chakra aka Muladhara is located at the base of the spine. 

This chakra is responsible for feeling “grounded”—a sense of safety and security. 

In Muladhara —the word Mula means “root” and adhara means “support”


 Muladhara is the most instinctual Chakra, so all our survival instincts are initiated here as well as, this is also said to be the centre of connection with our ancestors.

Root Chakra is also a house of our basic survival needs such as food, water, and shelter.


What If Your Root Chakra Is Blocked

Kundalini yoga to stay rooted| yoga for muladhara| muladhara balancing| yoga for grounding

Life without a firm root is not sustainable!


You uproot a plant 🌱and see it dying within a few hours!! 

While plants have a visible and well-developed root system 🌳from where they receive nutrients to survive, as well as, stay firm and secure from the outer world turbulences in the form of wind and rain.

We humans too, need a well-developed system of rooting to stay nourished and feel secure in this world.

On a physical plane, it may have forms like food, water, and shelter. Since a life without food on our plates and a roof on our heads is unimaginable. 

That said, these are the basic survival needs. 

Back to the yogic philosophies, the external world is a replica of the world inside our body. 

Elements like Earth🌏 Water💦 Sun☀️ Air🌾 Ether 🌌and Light⚡⚡ all have their representation inside our body in the form of energy centers AKA Chakras 🏵️

Since the root development process takes place inside the earth, our first chakra- Root Chakra aka Muladhara  with the element Earth helps us to stay rooted and grounded.

The reason this chakra is situated at the base of the spine, it works as a firm foundation for the six upper chakras to stack over it.

As nomads and hunter-gatherers🏹 (this is how we started on the Earth) our entire basic instincts are stored in our Root Chakra.

As we always need a big will-power 🏋️‍♀️to get a self- boost. Every improvement needs bootstrapping to bring functionality to all aspects of your life. This bootstrapping needs a strong foundation for our brain and body

So, when this chakra is unbalanced, we may come across feelings like being unstable, insecure, and ungrounded.

 On a physical level, this may turn out to be a discomfort in the lower back, hips, and legs area. Also, constipation and hemorrhoids.

Kundalini Yoga To Stay Rooted


The Yoga Kriyas stated here are based on lower body parts specially lower back, hips and legs.  Same will work on knee pain and good to address the digestive system.


At the end of each Posture or kriya, we will apply Root Lock or Mula Bandha by contracting the pelvic floor muscles, rectum and squeezing the navel in.


Spinal Kriya


  • Sit cross-legged, or in a double pigeon pose, hold your shin, do spinal warm-ups.
  • Hold calf Muscles with your hands.
  • Switch the legs
  • Continue for one minute.
  • Inhale, hold your breath, apply the root lock, hold for 5 seconds, and release.


Wide  legged seated forward folds


  • Open both legs wide in front of you.
  •  Bind both hands together on your back.
  • Bend towards the left knee, center, and over to the right knee.
  • Chant the Bija Mantra for root Chakra-
  • LAM.
  • Do this Kriya for 1 minute.


A blocked root chakra may leave you feeling nervous, fearful, and insecure about your safety. On the physical level, you may often feel fatigued, digestive issues, and constipated. 

  • Apply root lock, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, sexual organs and squeeze the navel in.
  • Release everything and relax.


Wide legged trunk twists


  • Join both hands above your head.
  • Rotate from the base of your spine.
  • Inhale your left, exhale your right.
  • Try bringing in the feeling of anger and frustration.
  • Kick-off all the frustration and negativity with each outgoing breath.

When we face negativity in our life in the form of anger, frustration, jealousy, or the feeling of insecurities, we store the same in the lower part of our body-  I.e. hips and lower back area. 

So, If you are constantly struggling with lower back pain, these Root Chakra yoga Kriyas are going to help you greatly.


Lifting In Staff Pose


  • Sit in Dandasana
  • Both the hands on your sides.
  • Create a fist ✊
  • Press the ground and lift your hips and legs.
  • You can use two blocks.
Continue for 1 to 2 minutes. This Kriya activates the lower Triangle, energizes the three lower Chakras, and helps in grounding.

If you feel trouble lifting on your fingers you may use two Yoga Blocks, under each palm.

Butterfly and forward folds

  • From dandasana, bend your knees out and bring the soles of the feet together.
  • Hold your toes and start your legs fluttering like a butterfly. 
  • Continue for 1 minute.
  • Bring both the palms together and bend forward.
  • Let your forehead rest on the ground.
  • Start Breath of Fire.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale with force while pushing the navel in.
  • Continue for one minute.
  • Inhale, hold your breath, apply root lock, exhale and relax.


Kundalini Kamal


  • Come to the seated butterfly pose.
  • Hold the big toes with your fingers so that they press the big toes nail.
  • Inhale and raise both the legs off the ground to come in a boat-like structure.
  • Get stable on your hips.
  • Stay in Kundalini Lotus mudra.
  • Start Breath of Fire 🔥


Insect Kriya


  • This is a bit of core and grounding work combined. Works great on all lower-body Chakras!
  • To you, it may appear like an insect on the back 😄
  • With an inhale raise your hand and a foot from the same side.
  • Exhale and place both of them back in a neutral position.
  • Repeat from the other side.
  • To Maintain the natural curvature of your back and to avoid back pain keep your core engaged.
  • Keep up with deep rhythmic breathing.
  • Continue for one minute.
This Kriya helps to promote strong knee health.


Savasana with Brief Reiki Healing


And finally, rest in Savasana. 


  • Rub your palms together.
  • Try to place both the palms in close vicinity and feel A ball of energy by a little movement.
  • Place your left hand just above the Crown Chakra and with the right-hand palm scan all the seven chakras one by one. 

This is the Reiki healing process to check the energy of your body energy centers, AKA, Chakras.

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Wrapping Up-Kundalini Yoga To Stay Rooted

Kundalini yoga to stay rooted| yoga for muladhara| muladhara balancing| yoga for grounding

Thanks Yogis, for reading these lines-:)

When we are firmly rooted, we feel secure. With the feelings of security, we navigate our lives with more confidence and achieve our goals with ease.

 Life feels great with the feelings of love and excitement.

With the abundance of energy circulation in root Chakra, we have enough courage to face the challenging situations and adversities if they ever try to knock off our life. 

A balanced Muladhara creates a strong foundation for our self team and self-worth in this world.

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Thanks for being with me on the mat, Namaste 🙏 Yogis!


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  • Debra Kirktindoll

    Thank you for sharing, however unable to do most yoga poses I have low back pain. I’m going to use much of the Cow and cat poses to heal that area. Much of my problems are stored in my back and people talking behind my back.

    • Hi Debra, cat and cow pose is the best place to start with to alleviate your back pain. Soon you would realise that you can do other postures too, effortlessly:)

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