Kundalini Yoga To Awaken Throat Chakra| Authentic Communication| Relief From Frozen-Shoulders


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Spiritually and aesthetically,  this Kundalini Yoga For Throat Chakra will help you in authentic and truthful communication. 

Physically, you will have relief from  frozen Shoulders, neck pain and  thyroid. You would also feel substantial positive changes in areas of teeth and gums, the jaws as well as the listening and smelling abilities.

Buttt… first…



I was sitting in front of him. ‘Him’ was the topmost bureaucrat of the city. It was obviously an important “official” meeting. I was inside that big hall as a representative of 30 people. Just before the meeting, I was busy discussing with my colleagues about the possible conversation I might have with the commissioner.

Not to say, I was more than prepared. Having rehearsed each and every point of discussion, all the relevant documents inside the file in my hand, eyes and ears opened wider than usual…

Everything seemed perfect except numbed hands and feet!

Then, this is what happened once the discussion started and he asked me a crucial question- YES …?

And I explained everything to him with three great opening and closing sentences:

  • I want to tell you our problem…
  • I wanted to explain what we are facing…
  • This is really crucial for us to tell you…

It is not that I didn’t say anything else apart from these three sentences. But what I had spoken, I don’t remember. But I still remember gasping for more oxygen😢 and some strength in my limbs!

And I also realised later why I was the best choice for being face to face with “The bureaucrat”.

Nobody else from my group wanted to face this. So now, whenever I feel unhappy remembering this incident, I pat my back for the reason that at least I had guts to face the situation.


About The Chakra In Honour –  Vishuddha

Kundalini yoga to awaken throat Chakra, #Chakra_balancing

Our fifth chakra, Vishuddha, is located at the base of the throat, at the center of the Larynx. That’s why this chakra is also called the Throat Chakra. 

The characteristics governed by this chakra is an effective and truthful communication. This Chakra also serves as a gateway to the highest truth of our being.

Vishuddha means highly pure!

Throat Chakra also works as a beautiful bridge between your heart chakra and the third eye chakra. Thus becomes a conductor of emotions (heart Chakra) and thoughts (third eye chakra).

The colour of throat Chakra is blue and the element is Ether.

Awakened Throat Chakra Means

Observe these qualities in yourself and the people around you:

  • Free and effortless communication
  • Authenticity
  • Resonating voice
  • Emotional intelligence and balance
  • Relief from the symptoms like cough cold intense toothache, etc


Throat Chakra Imbalanced?

These characteristics are the major indicator of an imbalance in Throat Chakra:

  • Extra talkative
  • Dishonesty
  • Arrogance
  • Fearfulness
  • Manipulative
  • Getting frustrated while trying to express yourself
  • Missing the correct and crucial words during a conversation
  • Fear of offending someone very dear
  • Physically, hormonal disbalances, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, hearing problems, tinnitus bronchitis, asthma.


Vishuddha – The Soul Gate

Kundalini yoga kriyas to awaken throat Chakra, open your throat Chakra

This Chakra helps you to connect with your causal plane- the world of light and blessedness, the heavenly place found in the scriptures of all the faiths and religions.

It is said to be the foundation of our existence, source of vision, point of conception, and an apex of creation. 

The causal plane is a world of realities one has to no longer deal with the emotions or conceptions, passage of time, sorrows or fear of death. 

So, throat Chakra can align you with your divine self as it holds the essence of purity without ego.


Must Read:  “Throat Chakra Balancing Complete Guide”


Answer These Questions To See The Status Of Your Throat Chakra 


  1. Do you often use manipulative words?
  2. Do you love gossiping?
  3. How good of a listener are you?
  4. Are you honest in most situations?
  5. Are you a habitual liar? 
  6. Do you speak with authenticity?
  7. How good are you at public speaking?
  8. How polite are you while communicating with your juniors?
  9. Can you express your truth fearlessly?
  10. While talking to someone how coordinated your thoughts and emotions are?


“Don’t worry about your answers”. 

Be honest, note them down in a journal and start reflecting and intending over them.


Start your days with throat Chakra specific positive affirmations and do these  Kundalini Kriyas to awaken your throat Chakra  for a minimum of 21 days to start experiencing the positive changes. 


You can also blend these yoga Kriyas with the throat Chakra yoga postures.

Kundalini Yoga  To Awaken Throat Chakra



P.S.-Various neck and shoulder exercises and mantras have been included here to stimulate the area of the neck, shoulders, ears, nose and the jaws.


Cat and cow Posture


  • Come on all four in a table top position.
  • Inhale and bring your head up, and tail bone up.
  • Your stomach towards the ground.
  • Exhale, curve your back and bring the head down and tailbone down towards the ground.
  • Continue with cat and cow transitions for 1 minute.


When our throat chakra is blocked or misaligned, you may have issues with creativity and communication. Throat chakra problems can also lead to physical symptoms like thyroid imbalance, sore throat, and hearing difficulties. 


Vajrasana Back-bends


  • Sit in vajrasana. 
  • Engage fingers of both the hands on your back.
  • Your fingers might touch the heels.
  • Give your crown a slide back bend.
  • Begin with Breath of Fire Kriya.
  • Inhale deeply, exhale forcefully by pushing your navel in, 
  • when you inhale chants So and when you exhale say Ham.
  • Soham is a powerful Mantra that translates to I am that.
  • The unifying mantra with the universe.
  • This Mantra will activate your 3 upper spiritual Chakras.
  • The throat Chakra is also known as the soul gate, because it opens the door for the two upper Chakras, the Ajna  and the Sahasrara..
  • Continue for one minute.


Inhale, hold your breath and apply root lock by contracting your pelvic floor muscles and pushing the navel in.

Exhale completely and slowly and relax in a neutral position.


Vajrasana- Forward-bends


  • With fingers still bound together behind your back, bend forward and let your forehead touch the ground.
  • Your aim here is to bring your arms vertical to the ground at 90 degrees.
  • Start Breath of Fire.
  • Continue for 1 minute or so.


>> Apply root lock at the end of the Kriya and hold. Exhale, come back to the neutral position.


Seated Eagle Pose


  • Sit on your knees so that knees are just below the hips.
  • Open both the arms opposite to each other and parallel to the ground.
  • Swing them back as much as you can, while inhaling deeply.
  • Exhale and  come to the Eagle arms by bringing your left hand below the right and palms touching each other.
  • Keep the shoulders away from the ears and lift your arms up above the heart level.
  • Continue with the breath of Fire
  • Disengage both the arms and reverse the process.
  • Begin the Breath of Fire once again.
  • Inhale and apply Mula Bandha, hold.
  • Exhale, come to the neutral position, and relax.


Shoulder Rotations


  • Sit all on your knees.
  • Inhale and rotate your shoulders in circular motion while arms  on your sides in neutral position.
  • Explore both the directions and ease your shoulder joints.
  •  Breathe deeply.
  • Continue for one minute.


Come to the neutral position.


 Shoulders Squeeze 


  • With an inhale squeeze your shoulders as much as you can and while exhaling release them rapidly.
  • Release them with a little downward force.
  • Relax and massage your shoulder joints and avoid forever getting the frozen shoulders.
  • Continue with the Soham Mantra.
  • Chant So and squeeze 
  • Release with Ham.
  • Ham is also the Bija Mantra for your throat Chakra.
  • Continue for one minute.


Release inhale deeply, apply root lock, hold…and…

 Exhale completely, come to a neutral position.


Neck Roles


  • Sit tall, inhale and bring your chin towards the chest
  • Exhale slowly to rotate your neck 360 degrees clockwise.
  • Continue with gentle neck rotations.
  • If you find areas of stress, breathe even more deeply into those points.
  • Come to the centre.
  • Inhale deeply and Exhale to rotate your neck anticlockwise.


If you have neck pain and other neck related issues such as cervical spondylitis,you will find relief with this Kriya, only remember not to stress your neck in forward direction.

Set your vertebral column by pressing from all the directions thus relieving your neck and shoulders.


The above Kriyas can also be done in Standing Posture.  But it is safer to be seated and have a sense of security and connectivity.

Seated Arms rotation 

(Clockwise and Anticlockwise)

  • Hold your waist with your left hand.
  • With your right hand, start clockwise Rotations of the arms.
  • Breathe deeply and continue with both hands in both directions in equal amounts of time.

This exercise helps to work against gravity, the best workout for sagging of the breasts arms. 

Place your hands below the shoulders to check the muscles movements and the kind of massage you are getting with this Kriya.

Inhale, suspend your breath, apply root lock.

Exhale, come to the neutral  comfortable cross-legged position.


Neck Lock a.k.a.Jalandhara Bandha


Get prepared for the Maha-Bandha.

Mahananda has three components Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, and the Jalandhara bandha.

Today, our main focus is on Jalandhara Bandha because this is the neck lock which you will apply to confine the energy in your Throat Chakra.


Take a deep breath and when you exhale apply root lock -squeeze your pelvic floor muscles in and up, navel point in and up, bring your chest forward to rest your chin upon it for Jalandhara Bandha. 

Raise your chin up and take a few deep breaths and apply Maha-Bandha once again. 


If you have trouble holding your breath, if you’re pregnant and have high blood pressure, don’t apply these Bandhas.


Simply sit in a cross legged position and breathe deeply, keeping your focus in your throat Chakra area.


Imagine a ball of blue colour shining in your entire throat area.

Chant the Mantra Soham… 10 times and relax in savasana.

So… ham…..

Wrapping up- Kundalini Yoga To Awaken Your Throat Chakra

Kundalini Yoga to awaken Throat Chakra, #vishuddha

Thanks Yogis, for reading these lines-:)  


Other than yoga postures and kriyas, daily positive affirmations have helped me a lot with my throat Chakra. 

You may also try these things>>

  • Singing and chanting mantras is good for your throat Chakra as well as the Crown Chakra.
  • Meditate very often to quiet your thoughts.
  • Use the colour blue around you.
  • Consume throat soothing drinks specially honey and nectar of mulethi.
  • Crystals and essential oils also help greatly.

Don’t forget to watch the video on YouTube, which is on the same topic- third Chakra balancing yoga for willpower and motivations.

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Thanks for being with me on the mat Namaste 🙏 Yogis❤️


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  • Debra Kirktindoll

    So this chakra is deficient 20%, can I do this exercise to unblocked, balance my throat chakra? Thank you

    • Hi Debra, you can certainly go for the yoga Kriyas. With constant working and focusing on an area, you bring a lot of energy flow to that point. Besides these yoga Kriya, you can try singing, Mantra chanting, affirmations. You will soon observe the positive changes. Please, stop worrying as well:)

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