Third Chakra Balancing Kundalini Yoga For Will-power & Motivation | Nabhi Kriya Part III


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This Nabhi Kriya, a Third Chakra Balancing Kundalini Yoga Sequence, would increase your willpower and motivate you whenever you need it most in your life.


Buttt…Why Motivation….Who Willpower..

#Manipura Third chakra balancing Kundalini yoga for willpower and motivation.

Majority of our achievements are the results of our willpower and motivation. 

Melting those extra pounds or succeeding in an interview or being perceived as an overall successful human, we all need a strong willpower and plenty of motivation.

“Yogically,” most of us are aware that our Third Chakra a.k.a. Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for the qualities like willpower, motivation, and confidence. 


Solar plexus Chakra aka Manipura is located at the area just above the navel. The Hindi meaning of navel is Nabhi…

 With Nabhi Kriya, we work for a strong naval point.

Strengthening our naval point is important because it affects the overall energy systems of the body.

It also reflects how well you were fed and your ability to breathe when you were still in the mother’s womb. Because you were connected with your mother via this point before taking birth on the earth.

Nabhi Kriya strengthens the navel point and abdomen, purifies the blood, and recharges the entire nervous system.


“From these Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, on physical level, you can also expect to have a flexible, strong, and firm abdomen- to provide a significant beneficial impact on your digestion as an added advantage.”


Science Of Yoga And Your Willpower

Third chakra balancing Kundalini yoga for willpower and motivation.

Yoga = willpower, is not an easy question to realise.


Yoga imbibes self awareness.


 Each day stepping on your yoga mat with determination,  moving and holding the body with great precision…recharging your mind… refreshing your attitude… positive vibes in  your thinking patterns…. being kind and compassionate… loving the self…

These are a few signals and tracks to lead you to a strong willpower.


I greatly admire this article on Yogainternational by Angela Wilson.

Here are some excerpts:

“Yoga offers three really clear guides to the cultivation of willpower: Willpower is a muscle that can be strengthened over time and through the body; self-compassion is the foundation needed to strengthen resolve; and a deep connection to the Self will set us free. Both yoga and science demonstrate that practicing these three principles will create fertile ground for transforming our most difficult and unwholesome habits”.

I think you too hear what she is saying.


How Yoga Keeps You Motivated

Third chakra balancing Kundalini yoga for willpower and motivation.

Here is how yoga may also work wonderfully as your motivational guru:

  • Manages your stress and anxiety
  • Increases your focus and concentration
  • Boosts your problem solving skills
  • Improves overall health and fitness by keeping away with lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.
  • Increases mindfulness



How Yoga Enhances Student Concentration to Make Them Achievers

Third Chakra Balancing Kundalini Yoga Kriyas For Willpower And Motivation

P.S.-This is the third part of the Nabhi Kriya to balance the solar plexus Chakra ‘series’. If you haven’t read the first two parts of the Nabhi Kriya, you can read here 👇

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We shall start standing in a Mountain Pose. At the end of each  Kriya, inhale and apply Mula Bandha by contracting your pelvic floor muscles and sending the navel point in and up towards the rib cage. This will help to send the Kundalini energy up towards the Crown of the head.


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Standing Forward Folds


  • Stand up tall with both legs hip-width apart.
  • Press from all the corners of your feet to feel the ground and connect. 
  • Take 3 ujjayi breaths, by contracting the back of your throat and making an Ocean- wave sound.
  • Bring both the hands together putting your fingers in a gun shape
  • Inhale raise your hands and bend back.
  • Exhale and fold forward between the legs.
  • Each time when you exhale, put little pressure on your navel point as you do in Breath of Fire Kriya.
  • Do this Kriya for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • At the end of the Kriya, inhale and apply Mula Bandha- contract your pelvic floor muscles, sexual organs and send the navel point in and up.
  • Exhale and repeat the process of Moola Bandha once again.


Chair Pose- utkatasana


  • Rise from the forward fold, bend both the knees, and rest in Utkatasana a.ka. chair Pose for 1 minute. 
  • Complement this strong holding posture with the breath of fire Kriya. 
  • Inhale and press your navel in to exhale forcefully. 


Side Bends


  • Stand up and open both arms parallel to the ground.
  • Inhale at the center exhale right, both hands at 90 degrees apart.
  • Inhale at the center and exhale to bend your left, keeping both hands at approximately 90 degrees apart.
  • Do the side bends for 1 minute.
  •  At the end of this practice, apply Mula Banda once while you’re inhaling and then again when you exhale.
  • Release the hands in a neutral position.


Uddiyana Bandha In Standing Postures


  • Bend the knees and let both the palms rest over them.
  • Inhale deeply and when you exhale apply Moola Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha one by one, by contracting your pelvic floor muscles and navel point in and up towards the rib cage.
  • Do this process for 1 minute.


The abdominal lock or Uddyanbandha is a technique that propels energy from the lower to higher Chakras and activates the area surrounding the navel point.

This sets a lighter mood and feeling of elevation, empowerment and higher potential. 

With the empowerment you feel more positive and motivated.

Now gradually come to the seated posture.

  • Curve your back and roll on the ground just like an energy boll.
  • Massage your spinal cord and bring momentum and strength to the core muscles.


Boat Pose AKA Naukasana


  • Stop at the center, on your butts.
  • Spread your legs, open your arms and hold in Naukasana.
  • Start Breath of Fire Kriya.
  •  Boat pose is one of the best ways to balance and bring energy to your Solar Plexus Chakra because holding in the boat pose requires a lot of strength in the middle part of your body.
  • If you are shaking it’s normal, don’t lose hope. Try to stay here.
  •  Focus on your breath.
  • Apply Mula Bandha at the end of your posture and make a transition towards the ground to stop halfway to stretch Kriya.

Stretch Kriya


  • While on your back, bring your heels together, point your toes forward.
  •  Lift your heels approximately six inches off the ground.
  •  Raise your head off the mat.
  • Gaze focused on your toes. 
  • Also, Point your fingertips toward your toes as you are going to touch them. 
  • Begin Breath of Fire.


Continue for one minute, at the end of practice apply Moola Bandha and uddiyana bandha one by one.


Tuck Pose


  • Lie on your back. 
  • Bend your knees and hug with the chest. 
  • Wrap your arms around your knees. 
  • Lift your head and bring your nose touching your knees. 
  • Start Breath of Fire.
  • Continue for one minute.


Apply Moola Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha one by one and come on your back.


“This Kriya sets the navel point and stimulates the Apana, which helps your digestive system to relax and cleanse efficiently”


Rest in Savasana at least for 10 minutes.

Notice all the sensations you feel after this third chakra balancing Kundalini yoga for willpower and motivation.

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Wrapping Up- Third Chakra Balancing Kundalini Yoga


Committing with this Solar Plexus Chakra energizing Kundalini yoga sequence would bring energy to the Manipura chakra and implant the energies of willpower, determination and action. 

Each posture will help to mobilize vital energy, create a momentum and motivate your days and life with more enthusiasm and vigor.

Apart from the fact that, this powerful Nabhi Kriya will balance your Solar Plexus Chakra, reduce belly fat… your waist…and massage your internal organs…

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Thanks for being with me on the mat Namaste 🙏 Yogis❤️

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