Yoga Pilates Fusion For Busy Moms| Shape Your Core, Glutes and Self-Esteem


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This fun-filled and easy to do yoga pilates fusion for busy moms will help to shape:

  •  Your core
  • Glutes and 
  • the most required self-esteem


You must be familiar with most of the common yoga postures which we do on a Yoga Mat. Here those poses will be fused with the Pilates workout.


Difference Between Yoga And Pilates

Yoga Pilates Fusion For Busy Moms To Shape The Glutes And Abdomen

Pilates is indeed inspired by Yoga but there are a few ingredients that makes it an entirely different workout.

A yoga sequence is made up of  a series of static postures with some exceptions like cat and cow pose or Marjariasana.

The main difference between yoga and Pilates workout is that while yoga involves mindful stretching and holding the Postures…

Pilates is about the short body movements which help greatly to tone your core and whole body. 

Most pilates workouts put you in an unstable position and challenge your body mostly by the movements of limbs.

Movement of limbs stimulates the navel point hence brings balance in your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Much similar to the Kundalini yoga- Nabhi Kriya, which essentially energizes the Solar Plexus Chakra,  works on your abdominal muscles and improves digestion.

One exceptionally nice thing about Pilates I love the most, is that whether you are doing a core specific workout or targeting other muscle groups-

The core is always engaged“.

So if you are a ‘mom’ and ‘busy’, this workout is going to do wonders for your body and self-esteem both.

Buttt… First…


Why Being A Mom May Make You Look Like Some Other Person (Physically Though)


After enjoying the very process of having ( and making babies) each time, twice to be precise, I was left with a fabulous mummy-tummy. 

Though, my first pregnancy, a stressful one, due to 9-months stretched nauseous feelings, witnessed a happy conclusion.

After a C-section, my gynaecologist handed me my first child and told me to kiss her.

 Perhaps to soothe me from the pain and discomfort that surgery had caused me. 

Which worked like a fairy touch! Tears bursted from my eyes.

Then I lost my consciousness. When I regained, I found my baby sleeping cozily  beside me.

First thing I checked was my tummy. 

If the baby is out, my tummy must have gotten in!

Surprisingly it was…

I didn’t gain much weight throughout my first pregnancy. 

Consuming most varieties of food was too difficult for me because of my over-activated smell glands

With the constant breastfeeding, I got the best of my abs without a regular workout routine!


The second pregnancy had something else in store. 

This time my smell-organ was not over activated, so not stimulating a nauseous feeling out of every edible thing.

So I was eating for the best health of my baby and myself!

Rest of the process was the same as my first delivery because the doctor, my gyny,  was the same. 

With the only difference being that, this time when my second child was sleeping cozily beside me, on the bed…

There was someone inside my stomach too!!!

“I was there looking like 6 months pregnant just after my second delivery”.

And let me tell you it was an stubborn belly fat. Because of being in my full time job, I was too busy to melt it away and reclaim my past body.

Here yoga came for my rescue! But I was going very mild with the postures because I was recovering from Cervical Spondylosis. Since yoga involves plenty of forward bends and back bends as well, I was worried for my neck and worsening Vertigo.

So started looking for a workout which was more lower body and core specific. And Yogis ,  this is how I gotta meet Pilates! It was not tough for me to adapt because this is also a mind body workout just like yoga. This greatly help me to soften my belly area and made the core significantly stronger.

So, my story is for you- new mommies there! If you find it hard to regain your original shape after a pregnancy, this Yoga Pilates Fusion workout may be the most appropriate solution. 

Because it has helped me a lot in shedding my weight and reshaping my core by 60 to 70%. 

I do this after each of my yoga sessions, minimum 4 times a week.

And, if you are looking for yoga sequence for the complete weight loss you can read this:

>>Kundalini Yoga For Weight Loss

Also, this yoga Pilates fusion is for you if your hormones (read imbalanced) are behaving like an ‘old school principal’ (hello menopausal). Hence destroying all the efforts of looking cool and sexy”.

This yoga Pilates fusion can greatly help to shred your stubborn belly fat, make the core strong, provide strength to your bones, and relieve symptoms like back pain and hot flashes.

The Best Yoga Pilates Fusion Workout For Busy Moms


In all the lying  postures, remember to keep your lower back on the floor and your core engaged throughout.

Now grab some water and a yoga mat and let’s start.

Mountain Pose

( On raised heels)


  • Stand tall with your feet grounded firmly on the mat.
  • Take some time to centre and feel your breath.
  • Inhale and raise your hands up.
  • Exhale to bring your hands to the Heart centre.
  • Inhale and raise your hands once more  and simultaneously take your heels off the mat to get into your toes..
  • Exhale to come on the mat.
  • Inhale to take your heels off.
  • Repeat for 10.


Forward Fold With Twist


  • From your raised arms exhale and come to forward fold.
  • Legs are hips width  apart.
  • Place your left Palm on the ground and rotate from the upper hips to take your right arm up.
  • Breathe here and do little pulses with your right hand.
  • Switch your hands.
  • This will help to tone your arms, open the shoulder joints and chest.
  • Rise up in the mountain pose, hands in front of the Heart Centre in Anjali Mudra.


Cat and Cow Posture


  • Come on all four, hands and knees on the ground.
  • 5 rounds of cat and cow transitions.
  • Inhale, open your chest Scoop your back.
  • Exhale to round your back.


Leg Kicks


  • While still in tabletop position, extend your right leg.
  • Fold your knees at 90 degrees.
  • Inhale and start kicking up.
  • Go for 10 rounds.
  • Repeat with the left leg.


Plank Pose


  • From that 4 legged table top position, lift your knees off the mat and bring your body parallel to the ground.
  • Take your belly button in and pelvis floor up.
  • With your right leg,  do some micro movements called pulses* in Pilates.
  • Go for 20 times on both the sites.
  • Repeat with the left leg.


*Pulses are a very small range of motions in Pilates workout. 

Locust Pose


  • Come on your belly.
  • Slip both the palms under your thighs.
  • Start pulses with your right leg.
  • Count for 20.
  • Repeat with the left leg.


Pilates Hundred


Pilates Hundred is an exclusive pilates workout.

  • Come on your back with palms down beside you.
  • Fold your knees.
  • Lift your feet and bring both the shin bones parallel to the ground.
  • Lift your head and neck.
  • Bring your belly button in and pelvic floor up.
  • Lift your palms off the mat.
  • Micro arm movement for 100 count.




Bring your legs and head down on the mat and open your legs wide.

Keep your hands away from the body. Continue with the slow and steady breathing to completely relax in savasana.


Wrapping Up- Yoga Pilates Fusion For Busy Moms

Yoga Pilates Fusion For Busy Moms To Shape The Glutes And Abdomen


Thanks for showing your interest in this yoga Pilates workout for busy moms, and reading these lines:-)

This Yoga-Pilates fusion will strengthen all different areas of your core.

 “It would definitely work excellently in the abdominal area on a deep and superficial level both to achieve true core strength and burn the belly fat rapidly”

Don’t forget to watch the video on YouTube, which is on the same topic- Yoga Pilates Fusion For Busy Moms.

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Thanks, for being with me on your yoga mat Namaste 🙏❤️ Yogis

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