5 Yoga Hasta Mudras For Diabetic People| Managing Diabetes Naturally


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 Here you will explore a series of yoga hasta mudras specifically designed for diabetic people. So, let's begin this journey towards balance and well-being!

Yoga Hasta Mudras for Diabetic People| Managing Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide, and yoga offers a holistic approach to managing this condition. Hasta mudras, or hand gestures, can be powerful tools in regulating blood sugar levels, improving circulation, and promoting overall health.

You can read the complete guide on yoga hasta mudras here. And if you are interested in a full yoga sequence to alleviate diabetes, please click here.

Let's delve into some beneficial mudras specifically for diabetic individuals.

5 Best Yoga Hasta Mudras for Diabetic People

You can read the post or watch the video below: 5 Yoga Hasta Mudras For Diabetic People.


Anjali Mudra 

Our first mudra is Anjali Mudra, also known as the prayer gesture. This mudra symbolises gratitude and harmony within oneself.

How To Anjali Mudra

Bring your palms together at the center of your chest, fingers pointing upward. Gently press the palms together, creating a slight resistance. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, expressing gratitude for your body and its ability to heal. This mudra helps calm the mind and balance energy, creating a positive mindset in managing diabetes.


Prana Mudra 

Next, we have the Prana Mudra, a mudra that activates the pranic energy, vital life force, within us. You can find Prana Mudra- Mudra of life, in detail here.

How To Prana Mudra

Join the tips of your thumb, ring finger, and little finger together while keeping the other fingers extended. Relax your arms on your thighs, palms facing upward. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths.

This mudra improves digestion, boosts metabolism, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.


Linga Mudra 

Yoga Hasta Mudras for Diabetic People| Managing Diabetes Naturally

Now, let's explore the Linga Mudra, a mudra that generates warmth and increases the fire element in the body.

How to Linga Mudra

Interlace your fingers, keeping your left thumb pointing upward. Place your interlaced hands in front of your navel, close to the body. Keep your arms relaxed and breathe deeply.

This mudra helps stimulate the digestive system, improve metabolism, and enhance blood circulation, all beneficial for managing diabetes.


Surya Mudra 

Moving on, we have the Surya Mudra, also known as the Sun Mudra.

How to Surya Mudra

Join your ring finger and thumb together, keeping the other fingers extended. Relax your hands on your thighs, palms facing up.

Take slow, deep breaths as you feel the warmth and energy building within your body.

This mudra is believed to enhance the fire element, boost digestion, and activate the Solar Plexus Chakra contributing to better blood sugar control.

Vayu Mudra

 Finally, let's explore the Vayu Mudra, a mudra that helps balance the air element and improve the flow of prana in the body.

How To Vayu Mudra

Gently fold your index finger and place the thumb over it, exerting gentle pressure. Keep the other fingers extended and rest your hands on your thighs, palms facing up.

Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths, focusing on the breath flowing in and out.

This mudra aids in digestion, reduces flatulence, and enhances overall vitality.

Ideal Time For Doing Yoga Hasta Mudras For Diabetics

There is no specific time for doing the above hand gestures, however, make sure, you have not taken  a heavy meal prior to 2-3 hours of your hand gestures session.

Also, hold each mudra somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes or at least 15 to 20 minutes for the best results. It is preferable to sit in a meditative posture, such as, sukhasana or padmasana.

Nevertheless, you can also do these Mudras while sitting comfortably on a chair.


Wrapping Up - Yoga Hasta Mudras for Diabetic People

Yoga Hasta Mudras for Diabetic People| Managing Diabetes Naturally

As I conclude this session on yoga hasta mudras for diabetic individuals, remember that these hand gestures are complementary practices that can support your overall well-being alongside a balanced lifestyle and proper medical care.

Consistency is key when incorporating these mudras into your daily routine.


Remember, yoga is a holistic practice that encompasses not only physical postures but also breathwork, meditation, and mindful living. It is always important to consult with your healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your diabetes management routine.

 Before we end our session, let's take a moment to express gratitude for the opportunity to nourish our bodies and minds. Bring your hands to your heart in Anjali Mudra once again, taking a deep breath in, and as you exhale, release any tension or worries.

 Thank you for joining me in this exploration of yoga hasta mudras for diabetic people. By incorporating these mudras into your daily practice, you can cultivate a deeper connection with your body and enhance your overall well-being.

If you found this post helpful, please like, subscribe, and share it with others who may benefit from it. Remember to take small steps and listen to your body's needs along your diabetes management journey.

Wishing you strength, balance, and good health. Until next time, namaste.

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  • This informative article provides valuable insights into the world of yoga hasta mudras for diabetic individuals. It emphasizes the importance of hand gestures like Anjali Mudra, Prana Mudra, Linga Mudra, Surya Mudra, and Vayu Mudra, which can aid in managing diabetes naturally. The guide also suggests the ideal time and posture for performing these mudras. Overall, it’s a comprehensive resource for those looking to enhance their well-being through holistic practices. Remember, always consult with a healthcare provider before incorporating new practices into your diabetes management routine. Namaste! 🙏

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