Yoga To Strengthen Upper Body| Tone Flabby Arms And Prevent Breasts Sagging


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The yoga to strengthen upper body will tone your arms and prevent the breasts from sagging, adding strength in your upper body.  Its complementary video yoga for lower body can be done alongside this one for a full-body workout or it can be done on different days of the week. 

If you want to focus more on your core strength here is the complete guide.

Important Techniques: Yoga To Strengthen Your Upper Body

Use your breath to guide you through the movements. Try holding each pose for five slow breaths in the beginning. 

With more practice you would be able to increase the  time you can hold each posture because of the increased strength and better endurance. Gradually, you will sense a sense of ease in each posture, at that point try to submerge at a much deeper level.

Health Benefits Of Stretching Your Upper Body

Yoga to strengthen your upper body, get rid of flabby arms and saggy breasts

Strong upper body has a direct connection with strength and stamina. With that in hand you have better body posture and ability to lift and carry heavy things.

Same also does wonders in enhancing  navigation within your life effortlessly. That means living your day to day life, or doing household chores, office related work without any stress, and increased efficiency. That is why it’s crucial to include upper body strengthening in your fitness regime.

What Is  Included In Your Upper Body Area

Your arms, forearms, shoulders, chest and hands, mainly constitute of your upper body

Muscles in these areas create a bridge from the chest, limbs and torso to your spinal column.

Therefore investing time in making these areas strong and flexible helps in maintaining balance while walking, an ease in day by day tasks, along with age related body de-generations. Upper body yoga also ensures a healthy back because of the better blood circulation and stronger bones.


Upper body area includes muscles like:


  • The rotator cuff
  • Deltoids or shoulder muscles
  • Biceps and triceps
  • Pectoralis or chest muscles, And
  •  In this particular sequence, the cervical column and your neck is also included.


Strengthening And Stretching Your Upper Body: The Best Practices

Yoga to strengthen your upper body, get rid of flabby arms and saggy breasts


Flexibility and strength both are important for your upper body and offer different benefits.  In a yoga sequence, your core, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders and chest are well engaged to give you better stability. The stronger you become, even the most challenging yoga postures may feel in reach.


Why is Upper Body  Stretching Frequently Required 


Apart from helping in everyday tasks, a upper body centred yoga sequence would help you in maintaining a good digestive system. Without strengthening these areas, your lower back muscles often have to compensate for the arms and shoulders, which can result in strain, unexplained pain or an  injury because of the overuse.


How Does Yoga Works To Strengthen Your Upper Body


Yoga is a great workout. It builds flexibility, improves balance, and yes, it builds strength. There are plenty of poses that develop upper body strength. A very well-known and simple asana like adhomukh svanasana can help you feel

stronger in the arms, shoulders, and back. 


Why Do Women Need To Have Even A More Stronger Upper Body

Yoga to strengthen your upper body, get rid of flabby arms and saggy breasts

The sequence yoga to strengthen upper body  has a long list of benefits, especially for women!

It helps you boost muscle strength and endurance in your arms, back, chest, and shoulders. It also helps you burn calories, reduce your risk of injury, and build stronger bones. For best results, try this yoga sequence a few times a week. 

P.S.-If you are struggling with lifestyle related physical  and mental issues, I offer you my health and nutrition coaching through yoga, reiki and spiritual healing modalities. For more details, please visit my health and nutrition coaching page.


How Will This Sequence Work On Sagging Breasts


Just like your skin, muscles, and bones, the breasts also age naturally. Since they are not supported by any hard structure like bone, when there is lack of blood circulation and shrinking of cells and tissues, breasts lose volume resulting in sagging and losing their charm.

But sometimes due to stress, an illness or a sudden weight loss, the breasts go out of shape. This might affect your self esteem and body posture if not anything else. Find here how to improve your body posture.

Yoga postures like bridge pose, child’s pose, camel pose stretch the upper-front area of our body providing a natural massage and boost in blood circulation. Yoga Asanas which involve stretching of arms and opening of heart, also stretch the chest area. 

Such postures fill your lungs with plenty of fresh air providing you with healthy lungs as an added advantage. Here you can open your heart and increase the potion of love and compassion in your life.


Can You Tone Your Arms With Yoga Postures For Upper Body


Yoga is an incredible way to build upper body strength and tone and sculpt all the muscles in the arms WITHOUT bulking up. When done consistently and under the proper guidance it may not take more than 6 to 8 weeks to reach the desirable results. With appropriate diet and nutritions and lesser fat deposits in your arm and shoulder area, you can quickly get rid of your flabby arms.


How Often Should You Do This Sequence To Tone your Arms And Chest


For best results, try to practice Yoga at least three times a week. Practicing more than five times a week may not bring any additional benefits but if you want to have a daily Yoga practice, make sure you choose a gentle one at least once a week.


The Best Yoga To Strengthen Your Upper Body, Tone Your Arms and Breasts


I have created a complete and step by step yoga sequence for your upper body that will work on your upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and breasts. Watch the video above and read further for the benefits of the asanas involved in this sequence.

With a little variation in the traditional yoga postures, you can make them a better-fit for your body. So you can see the yoga postures with variations such as- one legged dog pose or side bridge pose; including many transitional postures such as downward facing to cat and cow pose, crocodile pose to bhujangasana and crocodile to locust pose and so on. You will have a better understanding of everything once you watch the video. 

Here is the breakup of some important yoga postures included in the video.




Vajrasana is one of the best seated posture in which your hips are on your heels while knees are folded beneath the thighs. Starting your yoga practice with this asana and combining it with deep breathing helps to ground you into the moment and on your mat at the same time.

Benefits Of vajrasana

Not only does vajrasana fire the body’s metabolism, but it also helps lose weight in the belly area. This asana  requires a strong core to remain upright, and this in turn firms up the muscles in that region. Here you can know everything about the vajrasana.


Downward Facing Dog Pose

Thrree legged down dog yoga posture

An incredible stretch for the backside of your body, the Downward Dog pose also relies on great strength from the arms and legs. This asana works fabulous especially on the flabby arms.

 Almost every yoga pose where you are lifting or keeping your body off the floor, strengthens and shapes your arms, shoulders and back for a lean, strong and sculpted look. Here you can find everything about the download facing dog pose.


cat and cow pose


The cat and cow pose keeps your entire core engaged along with the arms and shoulders, also giving your chest a nice long stretch. Your upper front muscles are involved in this transitional pose so it works great on massaging the breasts and surrounding muscles providing plenty of blood circulation. You can learn here how cat and cow posture helps to keep your spine healthy.


 Chaturanga Dandasana

 The Chaturanga dandasana  is similar to the push ups, engaging your arms, shoulders and entire chest area. It can improve your triceps strength as no other work out else can.

It aligns your whole body and builds strength in your erector spinae, the muscles on either side of your spine. This helps improve core strength, posture, and stability. Mastering Chaturanga can also help you build functional strength.


Bridge Pose


Bridge pose stretches your entire core, especially the muscles on the upper body. Here, I have included a variation of bridge pose called one legged bridge pose or side bridge.

This variation works on your shoulder strength from a different angle. This makes your arms and shoulders work on their own individual strength. 


 Locust Pose


Locust pose is one of the best back-bending poses. It will prepare you for deeper backbends such as camel pose in your yoga practice. It requires back and abdominal strength and helps open your chest and shoulders.

 You can also include camel pose to strengthen your upper body, uplift your breasts, and engage your arms, if you are on the advanced level of your practice. Here is the complete tutorial of the camel pose.


Crocodile Pose


Crocodile Pose is highly calming and relaxing posture works on reducing stress and anxiety, promotes good sleep, regulates blood pressure and rejuvenates after a challenging yoga sequence. 

It provides deep relaxation for the muscles in the back and supports better posture and alignment of the spine.

If you hunch over due to poor posture or spinal issues, Crocodile Pose may help the body by relaxing the spine and reducing tension accumulated in that area. 

You can rest in a crocodile pose or Savasana. Here you can learn about the Savasana.


Wrapping Up- Yoga To Strengthen Upper Body

Although yoga is popular for its mental health benefits, like stress relief, and its ability to improve flexibility and posture. Yet, if you remain regular with yoga practices, you will realise that many poses require  strength in different areas of the body. This is the reason why a regular yoga practice helps to bring strength to the parts of the body wherever you intended to.

You can consider a yoga class equivalent to “body weight training”. In contrast to weight lifting which utilises external weights, the body weight training uses the weight of your own body.

 In bodyweight training, that is yoga, you are simply resisting the gravitational force on your body, and this is what offers you great results.

Bodyweight training is also termed as closed-chain in which you move your body through specific movements opposed to lifting or moving a weight (an open-chain exercise). Studies indicate that closed-chain workouts build more strength.








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